Control device of electromagnetic brake

Control device of electromagnetic brake

  • CN 103,922,238 A
  • Filed: 03/14/2006
  • Published: 07/16/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/14/2006
  • Status: Active Application
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1. an electromagnetic brake control device, it has control setup main body, and this control setup main body excitation brake coil makes above-mentioned brake coil attract armature, thereby electromagnetic braking apparatus is discharged, wherein,Above-mentioned control setup main body has:

  • Current-order generating unit, it releases order according to drg, produces for making electric current flow through the current-order of above-mentioned brake coil;

    Current control division, it produces the voltage instruction as the instruction relevant to the magnitude of voltage that imposes on above-mentioned brake coil, so that the actual current value of above-mentioned brake coil and the value of above-mentioned current-order are consistent;

    Release movement test section, it detects the displacement of above-mentioned armature according to the variation of the value of above-mentioned voltage instruction;

    Current-order adjusting portion, it changes the value of current-order according to the information from above-mentioned release movement test section;

    AndDifferential portion, it carries out differential to the value of above-mentioned voltage instruction and sends to above-mentioned release movement test section,Above-mentioned release movement test section compares output and the predefined threshold value of above-mentioned differential portion, thereby detects the beginning of the displacement of above-mentioned armature;

    Above-mentioned current-order adjusting portion, in the time detecting that displacement starts, before starting, reduces the attractive force that results from above-mentioned brake coil than displacement.

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