A kind of device for removing haze and atmosphere pollution

A kind of device for removing haze and atmosphere pollution

  • CN 103,933,832 B
  • Filed: 05/06/2014
  • Issued: 02/12/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/06/2014
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1. it is a kind of remove haze and atmosphere pollution device, which is characterized in that described device include airflow chamber to be cleaned (2) andAdsorption chamber (3), wherein airflow chamber to be cleaned (2) includes haze air flow inlet (2-1), thin pipe front end (2-2), adsorption chamberIt (3) include thin pipe rear end (3-9) and cleaning gas tream outlet (3-1), wherein thin pipe front end (2-2) and thin pipe rear end(3-9) is connected by thin pipe (3-10);

  • Described device is installed on carrying tool, and movement air flow of the tool of carrying in haze and pollution air is used as gas to be cleanedStream and except haze is removed contamination power needed for process, with the change in location of the tool of carrying, remove in due course haze near different location andAtmosphere pollution, the carrying tool refer to motor vehicle, light rail locomotive and compartment, railway locomotive and compartment, someone or nobody flyRow device, naval vessel, electric bicycle;

    Described device is passed through liquid absorbent as adsorbent, haze and pollution air using low toxicity, non-volatile viscosity solutionInside forms bubble, after coming into full contact with adsorbent, suspended particulate and pernicious gas the molecule table in the liquid of bubble in hazeAbsorption is completed in face, so that air is purified;

    It is further characterized in that;

    atmospheric haze and pollution air are passed through the power resources inside liquid absorbent and existed in carrying toolThe movement air flow of generation is moved in haze and pollution air, movement air flow is entered in liquid absorbent by thin pipe (3-10).

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