Washing machine and its control method

Washing machine and its control method

  • CN 103,966,798 B
  • Filed: 01/26/2014
  • Issued: 04/10/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/31/2013
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of control method of washing machine, washings are heated to perform washing procedure, it is characterised in that including:

  • The step of supplying the washings for producing steam, washings are supplied to the bottom surface of above-mentioned inside groove by the top of inside groove,Above-mentioned washings are supplied to the washings water level for producing steam, and the above-mentioned washings water level for being used to produce steam is higher than above-mentionedThe bottom surface of inside groove and less than the washings water level that formally washs is used for, so as to be housed in a part of quilt of the washings of above-mentioned inside grooveWashings in supply and the washing water-soaked being supplied to;

    Steam step, driving are arranged at the washing heater of water jacket, and above-mentioned washings are heated into the first design temperature, and byAbove-mentioned washings produce steam, and above-mentioned water jacket houses above-mentioned inside groove;

    Water re-supplying step is washed, is performed after above-mentioned steam step is completed, supply washings are washed to above-mentioned for what is formally washedWash water water level;

    AndWashings heating stepses, then drive above-mentioned washing heater that above-mentioned washings are heated to less than the above-mentioned first setting temperatureSecond design temperature of degree;

    In above-mentioned steam step, the impeller for being arranged on the bottom surface of above-mentioned inside groove periodically or repeatedly integrally revolves with above-mentioned inside grooveTurn.

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