Continuous optimization problem solving method based on pigeon-inspired optimization

Continuous optimization problem solving method based on pigeon-inspired optimization

  • CN 103,971,180 A
  • Filed: 05/09/2014
  • Published: 08/06/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/09/2014
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1. the continuous optimization problems method for solving based on dove group heuristic optimization, is characterized in that:

  • the method concrete steps are as follows;

    Step 1;

    set up corresponding evaluation function according to given problem, and corresponding parameter is set;

    Step 2;

    initialization dove colony optimization algorithm parameter arranges;

    Parameter has in arranging;

    population scale N p, optimize dimension D, map compass factor R, the maximum iteration time NC of two operators 1and NC 2;

    Excessive or too small R can cause bad result;

    Step 3;

    initial position and the speed of a random initializtion N pigeon, according to the mathematical model of the practical problems of setting up, calculate the cost of each pigeon in step 1, draw the fitness value f () of each pigeon, and find current optimal path;

    Step 4;

    carry out map compass operator, by the speed update rule of having introduced dove colony optimization algorithm community information, pigeon speed and position are upgraded, formula V is pressed in new speed and position i(t)=V i(t-1) e -Rt+ rand (X g-X i(t-1)) (3) and X i(t)=X i(t-1)+V i(t) (4) are upgraded;

    Wherein, R is the map compass factor, and rand is random number, X gbe current optimal location, obtain by the position of more all pigeons;

    Step 5;

    if iterations is greater than the maximum iteration time NC of map compass operator 1, stop map compass operator and carry out terrestrial reference operator, perform step six, carry out next iteration otherwise return to step 4;

    Step 6;

    carry out terrestrial reference operator, give all pigeon sequences according to evaluation function, the half pigeon that evaluation function is low will be followed the pigeon flight that evaluation function is high, then finds the weighting center of all pigeons, and this position is exactly destination;

    Finally, all pigeons will directly be flown to destination;

    New position more new formula is as follows

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