The method for producing sodium acid carbonate

The method for producing sodium acid carbonate

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  • Filed: 07/09/2007
  • Issued: 06/01/2018
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1. from the method for sesquicarbonate Joint Production sodium carbonate and sodium acid carbonate, wherein the sesquicarbonate be directly separated forSodium carbonate and sodium acid carbonate without decarburization acid hydrogen salt and the processing step of recarbonation, wherein:

  • The sesquicarbonate is dissolved in water by ■

    , water-soluble to form both chargings containing sodium carbonate or containing sodium acid carbonateLiquid;

    At least a portion of the feed water solution is introduced into electric dialyzator by ■

    , and the electric dialyzator includes at least an alkalescenceWeaker and the stronger adjacent room of an alkalescence, the room are separated by the cation-exchange membrane of permeable sodium ion, the roomIt is placed between positive electrode and negative electrode, wherein pH controls the value more than 7 in the weaker room of the alkalescence;

    by the solution rich in sodium acid carbonate of the sodium carbonate containing at least sodium acid carbonate of 80g/kg and less than 80g/kg fromThe alkalescence extracts in weaker room, and the solution that will be enriched in sodium carbonate is extracted from the stronger room of alkalescenceCome, and wherein by solid sodium carbonate and sodium acid carbonate respectively from be enriched with their aqueous solution in crystallize out.

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