Stereo matching method based on improved gradient and adaptive window

Stereo matching method based on improved gradient and adaptive window

  • CN 103,996,201 A
  • Filed: 06/11/2014
  • Published: 08/20/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/11/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the solid matching method based on improving gradient and self-adapting window, it is characterized in that:

  • the method only comprises on the basis of amplitude information in traditional gradient coupling cost, introduce Gradient Phase information, and original match cost is converted, further eliminate exceptional value;

    Then utilize picture structure and color information to build that self-adapting window carries out cost polymerization and " the victor is a king " (Winner-Takes-All (WTA)) strategy carries out parallax selection;

    Finally, propose the histogrammic parallax refined method of a kind of local parallax, obtained high-precision disparity map.Method concrete steps are as follows;

    Step 1;

    coupling cost is calculated;

    coupling cost is the tolerance of corresponding point similarity between the image of left and right, utilizes two components of gradient vector in image x, y direction, mould m and the phase angle of definition gradient vector then adopt the linearity of mould and phase angle to be combined as coupling cost function, to utilize to greatest extent gradient information.Finally utilize Geman-McClure function original match cost function to be converted to eliminate the impact of abnormal cost value. Step 2;

    adaptive windows outlet structure;

    treat the polymerization window of a self-adaptation size of each pixel structure of matching image, it is how many that the large young pathbreaker of window directly determines to participate in the neighborhood territory pixel of polymerization.The present invention adopts a kind of improved right-angled intersection self-adapting window generation method, can build self-adapting window according to the color of neighbor and spatial relation.At low texture region, provide larger window to improve matching precision;

    Produce less window at high texture region, to protect the detailed information such as object edge.Step 3;

    cost polymerization;

    after determining the self-adapting window of each pixel, need carry out polymerization to the original match cost of each single pixel in window and obtain total cost, finally select to make parallax value that total Least-cost is corresponding as initial matching result.Step 4;

    parallax is refined;

    the initial parallax obtaining by above-mentioned steps also exists some Mismatching points and insincere value with true parallax, need to carry out the parallax processing of refining.The present invention proposes one and based on the histogrammic parallax refined method of local parallax, initial parallax figure is further processed.Then, adopt left and right consistency check to detect the Mismatching point still existing, utilize the value that in adjacent available point, parallax is less to carry out assignment to Mismatching point.

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