A kind of high-rise escape system

A kind of high-rise escape system

  • CN 104,027,899 B
  • Filed: 06/24/2014
  • Issued: 08/24/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/24/2014
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1. a high-rise escape system, it is characterised in that described escape system includes escaping slideway and this escaping slidewayFixing device;

  • Wherein, described escaping slideway includes retractable tubular slide way body and guides rope, and described slide way body is hung in instituteState guiding rope updip obliquely, the axial two ends Wu Bi of slide way body, and it is respectively arranged with support ring, slide way body is arrangedHave spring skeleton and multiple reinforcing strip, described reinforcing strip along slide way body axially extending, be circumferentially distributed in slide way bodyLateral wall on, some tie points that reinforcing strip is arranged by axially spaced-apart are fixed with slide way body, reinforcing strip and slide way bodyForming the gap for fixing described skeleton between two adjacent tie points, skeleton is through described gap around the home at slideway originallyOn body, the sliding channel of supporting skid rail body interior, and provide deceleration to hinder;

    Described fixing device includes storage cabin, and described storage cabin is provided with personnel'"'"'s import, and described personnel'"'"'s import is in buildingSide is plugged on escape scuttle, is fixed by locking member;

    Being provided with hatch door on storage cabin, it is internally provided with and can downwardly turn overThe bracket of certain angle, the described escaping slideway packed up is placed on described bracket and its arrival end is fixed on bracket, describedHatch door and bracket connect drag link mechanism, triggers hatch door by described drag link mechanism and opens, downwardly turn over bracket simultaneously, in escapeUnder the self gravitation of slideway, depart from bracket, open along guiding rope;

    Described hatch door top is provided with rotating shaft, hatch door turn in described rotating shaft open or under turn over Guan Bi, rotating shaft is provided with spring,Make hatch door turn on nature in the case of releasing limits to open;

    Described bracket is " L " type, and the arrival end of described escaping slideway is fixed in the vertical section of bracket, and the escaping slideway packed up is putOn the horizontal segment of bracket, the junction of described vertical section and described horizontal segment is provided with rotating shaft, and bracket overturns around this rotating shaft,It is provided with below bracket and limits the limited block turning over angle under it, after releasing restriction, rely on gravity bracket to turn over from level28°

    The end of described drag link mechanism is provided with hooking part, and described hooking part hooks hatch door and bracket, drag link mechanism action simultaneouslyTime, affect hooking part to release hatch door and the restriction of bracket.

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