carbon material, carbon material for battery electrode and battery

carbon material, carbon material for battery electrode and battery

  • CN 104,039,697 B
  • Filed: 06/27/2013
  • Issued: 11/06/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/29/2012
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1. a kind of flakey carbon material, when particle end face to measure flakey carbon material with micro Raman spectra analyzerWhat is measured in Raman spectroscopy is in 1300~1400cm-1Range peak peak area IDWith in 1580~1620cm-1Range peak peak area IGRatio IG/IDI.e. G values are 5.2 or more and 100 or less, based on X-ray diffraction methodThe average interplanar spacing d002 in 002 face is 0.337nm flakey carbon materials below, in the formed body formed by the carbon materialIn the case of polarized light microscope observing optical texture being utilized in the rectangular field of view of 540 μ

  • m of 480 μ

    m in section, the group small from areaKnit optics group when starting to accumulate area and reach the accumulation area 60% area of whole optical texture areasThe area knitted is set as SOP, starts the number knitted of array since the small tissue of length-width ratio and will be the 60%th of number of tissue totalityThe length-width ratio of tissue is set as AROP, when the average grain diameter of the volume reference based on laser diffractometry is set as D50, has as followsRelationship,1.5≤


    6 and0.2×



    AROP)1/2The BET specific surface area of 2 ×

    D50 of <

    , the flakey carbon material are 0.4m2/ g or moreAnd 5m2/ g or less.

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