Manage across circumference access

Manage across circumference access

  • CN 104,054,088 B
  • Filed: 11/09/2012
  • Issued: 09/27/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/10/2011
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of management is to the method for the access of resource in equipment, comprising:

  • It is received from the first resource assigned to the first circumference of the equipment and described first is different to the equipment to accessThe request for the Secondary resource that second circumference of circumference is assigned, wherein the equipment includes first circumference, first moneySource, second circumference and the Secondary resource, and wherein, the first resource and the Secondary resource are Logic Separations, and management strategy determines the access between the first resource and the Secondary resource based on one or more;

    Second management strategy of the mark for the first management strategy of first circumference and for second circumference;

    AndIt is determined based on the first management strategy for first circumference and for the second management strategy of second circumferenceWhether forbid accessing the Secondary resource, first management strategy is defined for the first resource for accessing to describedThe one or more rule for the resource including the Secondary resource that second circumference is assigned and second management strategyIt defines for the Secondary resource for allowing to access to second circumference appointment including the Secondary resourceThe one or more rule of resource and the determination include;

    The one or more rule of first management strategy and the one or more rule of second management strategy are carried outCompare;

    Determine which strategy is stringenter;

    AndDetermine whether to forbid the access to the Secondary resource based on stringenter strategy,When access is licensed, so that the first resource in first circumference is realized to the second money in second circumferenceThe access in source, andWhen access is prohibited, visit of the first resource to the Secondary resource in second circumference in first circumference is preventedIt asks.

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