Outer rotor assembly of brushless motor

Outer rotor assembly of brushless motor

  • CN 104,079,101 A
  • Filed: 07/14/2014
  • Published: 10/01/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/14/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a brushless motor outer rotor assembly, is characterized in that:

  • comprise motor casing (1), retainer (2), permanent magnet (3) and driving shaft (4);

    Motor casing (1) is the integral piece that iron or mild steel are made;

    Motor casing (1) is the housing of opening upwards, and the wall thickness of motor casing (1) is 2 millimeters to 6 millimeters;

    Driving shaft (4) is coaxially fixedly installed in motor casing (1), and protrudes upward outside motor casing (1);

    Retainer (2) is integrated through injection molding part;

    Retainer (2) comprises location division (21);

    Location division (21) integral body is tubular, and its wall thickness is the thickness 1/3 to 1 of permanent magnet (3);

    The external diameter of location division (21) is corresponding with the internal diameter of motor casing (1);

    Location division (21) along its circumferentially uniformly-spaced angle be provided with the location notch (21-1) that quantity is identical with permanent magnet (3) quantity, its shape is corresponding with permanent magnet (3);

    Retainer (2) bonding is fixedly installed in motor casing (1);

    Permanent magnet (3) comprises N permanent magnet and S permanent magnet, and N permanent magnet and S permanent magnet are crisscross arranged successively in each location notch (21-1) of retainer (2), and are fixedly installed on motor casing (1).

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