System and method for controlling mass of object

System and method for controlling mass of object

  • CN 104,114,992 B
  • Filed: 10/16/2012
  • Issued: 02/05/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/17/2011
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1. a kind of system for controlling the quality of object characterized by comprisingSafety cage (3) comprising the object to be checked is introduced into the entrance passed through in the room and at least one goes outMouthful, the room has inspection area (5);

  • Transport device is used to that the object to be checked to be transported in the inspection area (5) and ensured the object is logicalIt crosses at least one described outlet and is discharged;

    Meausring apparatus (7), is placed under the transport device, for weighing the object in the inspection area (5)Body;

    For contactlessly measuring the component of the size of the object in the inspection area (5) comprising for passing through lightPattern projection and the component measured by stereo visual system (8,9) detection;

    Component for the structure by the object in inspection area (5) described in laser beam analysis;

    AndThe safety cage (3) is to be come with material opaque for the wavelength respectively for the laser beam in work by realityExisting, to prevent any radiation leakage,Wherein, the component of the structure for analyzing the object in the inspection area (5) includes;

    First laser source (10), is used to generate first laser beam to generate ultrasonic wave in the object to be checked,Second laser source (11) is used to generate second laser beam to illuminate to the object to be checked;

    Interferometer (12) is used to measure a part of the second laser beam by object reflection to be checked, wherein describedInterferometer (12) can generate electric signal relevant to the measurement;

    The laser source (10,11) and the interferometer (12) are optically coupling to the light measurement head being placed in the room (3)(13), the measuring head (13) includes optical scanner,And wherein, the meausring apparatus (7) in response to the object weighing and send signal, for contactlessly measuring instituteThe component for stating the size of object sends the signal of the dimensional measurement for the object, and for analyzing the objectThe component of structure sends signal relevant to the structural analysis of object measurement, and the system comprises be connected to record to be situated betweenThe central location of matter, the recording medium include the reference being recorded in advance in the recording medium to define the objectAt least one message file of parameter, the central location receive each of described signal with by the signal and the ginsengParameter is examined to be compared.

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