Lanyu popular science ICT benefit technology system application

Lanyu popular science ICT benefit technology system application

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  • Filed: 10/14/2012
  • Published: 10/22/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/10/2009
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1. Claimssocial management is strengthened in one kind application present information communication technology innovation, the ICT systems technology methods of Ecological Civilization Construction are serviced, system operation can be compared through beneficial technology and its indigo plant through structure indigo plant space science popularization ICT such as the objective system applications of beneficial news prestige based on management company, non-profit foundation meeting, the work consumptive cooperation of ICT communities(

  • It is ecological to calculate through benefit value)

    , the method, the modern technologies main feature with broad sense such as authentication service and management supervision:

    That is the purpose of ecosystem civilization construction, social, the ecological diversity through beneficial resource consolidation of operating service, it is characterized in that realizing that the theory of Ecological Civilization Construction, principle, target etc. incorporate and extend through human culture scientific and technological progress, social development, political civilization, each side of economic construction and overall process comprehensively deeply, formed and promote society from work production to the naturality tracking pattern that personal consumption mode vitality is fundamental change.2. indigo plant space science popularization ICT can be than methods such as system operation, authentication service and management supervision through beneficial technology and its indigo plant described in claim 1, it is characterized in that, introduce China humane, ecological through social 3-D parameters such as benefit, social symbiosis, product certification and its marketing ICT are built through beneficial technology platform, political civilization, Economic Development Mode transformation and the construction of the public happiness of the people'"'"'s livelihood are innovated using the progress of mankind'"'"'s Chinese culture social science, promotes the ecological huge system indigo plant Yu Wenming of people from world unification indigo plant can be than civilized anchor Verification System.3. product certification described in claim 2 and its marketing ICT are through beneficial technology platform, it is characterized in that, take the fusion means of ICT, from science and technology to economy, the complete design such as politics, the culture social pattern of studying from nature work consumptive cooperation, the service mankind unify the complete of Life Spirit and ultimate value cognition idea by the qualitative, quantitative research of the material world to world people.4. social management is strengthened in the innovation described in claim 1, it is characterized in that, indigo plant can be than Verification System combination ICT communities civilization construction technical scheme, the three-dimensional integrated civilized pivot of structure daily necessities, people business, the people'"'"'s livelihood leads transportation, blue space science popularization humanity, politics, economic, society, the blue energy coin cooperation of five yuan of symbiosis of material are formed on the whole through beneficial technological system, the civilized anchor of ecological huge system of five in one is created, community politics civilization of laying a foundation, economic construction, social development are ecological through beneficial tracking mechanism with humane scientific and technological progress.5. the ICT communities civilization construction technical scheme described in claim 4, its public service is technically characterized in that, based on ICT computer network converged communication technologies, effectively build community'"'"'s medium, commercial finance, company information virtually shares the social productive forces resource operation system for waiting community service function to be integrated, using information integration resources technology public service is provided for the establishment and its work consumptive cooperation of new society economic organization through benefit and democratic centralism management etc., system sex service grass-roots community democracy is discussed political affairs and other major and important matters, economic construction, social development and humanity progress.6. the network integration communications applications technology described in claim 5, based on the objective system ICT computer interconnected network converged communication technologies of community'"'"'s work consumptive cooperation news prestige, using SNS social network services UGC user-generated contents and CMS medium content management services, ICT converged communications, commercial settlement system etc., build and share the objective database settlement system of prestige, it is characterized in that, pass through the work mutual assistance of community'"'"'s industry, the instant messaging such as Domestic News transaction and commercial affairs, the network integration of cross charging system, realize that indigo plant can be than ecology through beneficial system telecommunication service increment increment technique platform.7. community'"'"'s work consumptive cooperation news prestige visitor'"'"'s system and its application described in claim 6, including mutual-aid community cooperative sector of the economy systemSystem and its CMS medium Content Management, SNS social network services, ICT converged communications, internal business settlement system, it is characterized in that, the social network services application UGC user-generated contents of SNS and the system of CMS medium content management services, service vast medium practitioner and grassroots'"'"'s people'"'"'s livelihood needs, self-assembling formation news prestige visitor'"'"'s mode, the production of ICT civil informations content of platform and management service are participated in using vast medium practitioner and basic unit citizen reporter, it is fully constructed community'"'"'s cooperation, exchange and news information development of resources, utilize system, for it is blue can than enterprise and it is blue can than product authentication service, branding communication, product marketing etc. creates the magnificent system of tracking symbiosis.8. the ecological huge system indigo plant Yu Wenming of people from world unification indigo plant can be that can compare certification authority by indigo plant than civilized anchor Verification System described in claim 2(

    Such as management company)

    Set up public good negotiation multiparty conference and represent institutional mechanisms with the people'"'"'s livelihood, by introducing non-profit foundation organizational innovation by government, society, the Trinitarian resource consolidation pivot in market is led and public good Action Plan, it is characterized in that, participated in by shares by cooperative society of community and democratic election produces Shu Dao operating services mechanism step by step, build per capita or region subdivision level the people'"'"'s livelihood represent system, create the equity average for meeting human society ethics, the social public service institutional mechanisms such as public good negotiation and people'"'"'s livelihood cooperation representative, realize public welfare and the Ecological Civilization Construction and systemic resource consolidation system of industrialization Dual track driven.The increment technique platform 9. telecommunication service described in claim 6 is rised in value, Economic Development Mode transformation, political civilization construction are acquired from cultural social forest, realize that ICT telecommunications industry technological progress systems are socially reintegrated the construction of public happiness, characterized in that, the blue space science popularization of application can lead the life awareness of the spiritual bootstrap benefit people of the naturally big love of mankind'"'"'s tracking through beneficial technology and indigo plant than identification service system bow I.10. the naturality tracking pattern described in claim 1, it is characterized in that, using Chinese humane scientific and technological theory, popularization is respected for life, cherish life, conserve life, morals beneficial to life are applied with ecology through beneficial authentication mechanism, involution is naturally worked consumption mechanism, build the public service administrative mechanism of justiceization, benefit the high-end business mechanism for mutual assistance of advanced age community, strengthen people'"'"'s livelihood service supervision mechanism, community'"'"'s media mechanism that a clear mirror hungs on high, intensive volunteer'"'"'s community service mechanism, the blue civilized anchor mechanisms of energy coin, the prebiotic mechanism of the beneficial people of blue space science popularization bootstrap.

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