Data processing method and system with intelligent detection function

Data processing method and system with intelligent detection function

  • CN 104,133,839 A
  • Filed: 06/24/2014
  • Published: 11/05/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/24/2014
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1. a data processing method with intelligent detecting function, is characterized in that, comprises the steps:

  • Step 1;

    automatically detect active user by JS script and use browser version, point out for non-IE series browser, and close;

    Detect and use the browser i.e. system of entering that meets the requirements to carry out data acquisition;

    Step 2;

    remote data acquisition terminal is completed to people'"'"'s person'"'"'s handwriting by handwriting pad collection and be stored to handwriting characteristic storehouse, the data information memory of the project of declaring gathering is to the buffer area of the webserver, principal computer call the buffer area of the webserver the project of declaring data message and store the first buffer area of principal computer into;

    Picture, Word and the PDF document data gathering is stored to the second buffer area of principal computer with document form, document relative path is stored in project application database attachments subdatasheet;

    Step 3;

    principal computer reads the information of the project of declaring in the first buffer area, judges whether data meet the requirements;

    For photo-document, utilize document path in project application database attachments subdatasheet to call the second buffer area photo-document of principal computer, utilize picture recognition module to read photo-document content, identify people'"'"'s person'"'"'s handwriting and compare in handwriting characteristic storehouse, complete unit stamp and complete flat data table and complete organization and whether conform to, all meet the requirements and just enter step 4 if declare the information of project and photo-document in handwriting characteristic storehouse in handwriting information, project application tables of data, just return to step 2 if do not met;

    Step 4;

    from project application database synchronization to review data storehouse, this synchronizing process is taked one-way synchronization by satisfactory project data in step 3;

    The information of declaring in review data storehouse is carried out to three screenings, and final data is exported on the browsing pages of server;

    In described step 2, be specially;

    the data directly related with project are stored in the master data sheet of project application storehouse, every corresponding unique bullets of data, store in the each subdatasheet in project application storehouse with the data of project indirect correlation, in subdatasheet, to be set to external key associated with master data sheet for unique bullets;

    In the subdatasheet in declaration data storehouse, also store history item and declare information.

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