A kind of maca leaf black tea and preparation method thereof

A kind of maca leaf black tea and preparation method thereof

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  • Filed: 08/18/2014
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1. a kind of preparation method of maca leaf black tea, which is characterized in that the maca leaf black tea passes through following specific preparation sideMethod obtains:

  • (1) picking leaves and processing;

    late fall maca middle and upper part is pollution-free, blade of no disease and pests harm to adopt, and when picking leaves will remove petiole,Old tender leaf separates, old tender consistent;

    Clear water rinsed clean is used after adopting, and is placed on interior and is dried in the shade until no water droplet, will remove petioleMaca leaf builds up 8-12 thickness, is cut into 1 centimetre long, wide 0.3-0.5 centimetres of leaf;

    (2) it fills cage;

    the maca leaf cut being shaken up, does not allow it to be pasted together, be packed into the food steamer for completing clean gauze in advance,Thickness is between 5-7 centimetres, can be uniformly advisable by steaming;

    (3) it steams green;

    putting clear water in pot, after boiled, food steamer is placed in pot and is covered tightly, steamed rapidly with high fire, very hot oven, to upper atmosphereAfterwards, use small fire instead according to steamed tool tightness to steam 2.5-5 minute, open lid and check, with maca leaf it is soft it is ripe keep bud green preferably, it is verticalIt comes out of steamer and pours into airing in clean container;

    Drive away vapours are crucial immediately after stewing steaming;

    (4) rub;

    after maca leaf spreading for cooling, with hand on plank in one direction booth roll, make it is leaf substantially crimp, leaf juice overflowIt is adhered on blade face, hand rubbing has lubrication to feel;

    (5) ferment;

    at 24-25 DEG C, relative humidity 95%, leaf-spreading thickness is generally advisable in 8-12cm fermenting cellar temperature;

    FermentationThe tealeaves green grass gas of appropriateness disappears, and a kind of fresh, pure and fresh flowers and fruits perfume, the red change of leaf color, spring tea yellowish red color, summer tea reddish yellow occursColor, tender leaf color is red even, and old leaf is because changing the general blueness of difficulty Chang Hongli;

    (6) dry;

    the above-mentioned maca tealeaves fermented being dried immediately, continues to ferment to prevent tealeaves;

    General point of dryingTwice, claim gross fire for the first time, 110 DEG C-120 DEG C of temperature, make water content of tea 20-25%, claim final firing, temperature 85 for the second timeDEG C -95 DEG C, andyzerof waterintea-leaf 5%;

    (7) spreading for cooling is sieved;

    manufactured tea with Maca leaves being poured into rapidly to spreading for cooling in clean container, are sieved after cooling with sieve appropriateGo meticulous powder;

    (8) pack;

    the dry maca leaf black tea that will be sieved is placed in dry closed container after carrying out classification packaging by color, shape, tasteStorage;

    (9) ingredient;

    by tea with Maca leaves made of the above process, to enhance its healthcare function, as base stock, with otherNatural plants are configured to have the health protection tea of different function, slim tea, medicinal herb tea, but no matter which kind of is formulated, and ingredient sum cannot surpassCross the 25% of tealeaves total amount.

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