The preparation method of technique profiling polar region floating ice

The preparation method of technique profiling polar region floating ice

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  • Filed: 08/15/2014
  • Issued: 02/09/2018
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1. a kind of preparation method for the profiling polar region floating ice that technique ice-snow decorative landscape uses, comprises the following steps:

  • 1), the deep color in polar region ocean surface, choppy scene are drawn or air brushing is on spray painting cloths, then by its solidating in scapeSee stand-by on the position that place is specified;

    2), by special engraving benzene plate material by being pre-designed specification size, split with pulling the external force that presses work and it is fragmented into natureBlock is stand-by;

    3), the paraffin molten after thawing is equably coated on nature benzene plate break with hairbrush, or benzene plate break is putEnter in paraffin molten rapid soaking once;

    4), select top area smaller, the larger imitative type base floe with nature floating ice floating rule of following area, useAfter pure concentration milky white adhesive applies the bottom of its profiling polar region ice cube, it is compacted into being cemented in the spray painting cloth for being sprayed with polar region ocean surface patternOn;

    5) accumulated snow, is covered on the matrix of profiling polar region floe, the method for covering accumulated snow is:

    A, solidating background matrix surface,It is required that there are adsorptivity, easy type selecting;

    B, milky white adhesive is diluted with 7 times of water, then it is uniformly sprayed on the surface of background matrix;


    Wood-fibred is broken up and pass through the uniform sieve of screen cloth to fall on glue-line, if wood-fibred layer thickness low LCL, glue spraying can dispense wood againFiber, until reaching the thickness of requirement;

    D, the product obtained with the Alevaire of 7 times of water-reducible milky white glues to step C shapes,Meanwhile before treating that glue-line is not dry, flash of light crystalline material glass microballoon or silver-colored mating plate are uniformly sprayed into throwing to product surface, technique in time and imitatedShape polar region floating ice is accused to prepare and completed.

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