Process for producing 2-oxoglutaric acid by virtue of fermentation production

Process for producing 2-oxoglutaric acid by virtue of fermentation production

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  • Filed: 09/06/2014
  • Published: 12/10/2014
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1. biological fermentation is produced a technique for 2-oxopentanedioic acid, it is characterized in that take that soya-bean oil is as carbon source, with separating fat Ye Luoweiya yeast fermentation, produces 2-oxopentanedioic acid, and its technological process is:

  • seed culture;

    At fermentor tank, add nutrient solution, coefficient is 0.65-0.75, after sterilizing, is cooled to 35-40 ℃

    , and fat Ye Luoweiya yeast is separated in access, and inoculum size is 8-11%, passes into uncontaminated air, starts fermentation, and fermentation is divided into 3 stages;

    (1) in the 20-25h after fermentation starts, adjusting Nutrient solution is 20-30%, and controlling soya-bean oil concentration is 20-25 g/L, and ph controls as 5.5-6.5, leavening temperature 30-35 ℃


    (2) in fermentation, carry out after 20-25h, continue fermentation 15-20h, when fermentation time is 35-45h, adjusting Nutrient solution is 30-40%, and stream adds soya-bean oil, and regulating soya-bean oil concentration is 40-50 g/L, with 30 % KOH or NaOH, regulating pH is 5-5.5, leavening temperature 35-40 ℃


    (3) in fermentation, carry out after 35-45h, continue fermentation, with 30 % KOH or NaOH, regulating pH is 3-4, Nutrient solution 40-60%, leavening temperature 35-40 ℃

    , stream adds soya-bean oil, making soya-bean oil concentration is 90-100 g/L, and all fermentation time is 140-180h, and obtaining 2-oxopentanedioic acid concentration in fermented liquid is 140-160 g/L;

    Fermentation ends, with after the cell in centrifugation fermented liquid, soya-bean oil, with activated carbon decolorizing, with sulfuric acid or salt acid for adjusting pH, to 2.6-3.6, evaporation concentration, when 2-oxopentanedioic acid concentration reaches 260g/L, starts crystallization;

    By the coarse crystal obtaining aqueous ethanolic solution recrystallization, obtain product 2-oxopentanedioic acid, purity >


    The ratio productive rate of substrate, product/substrate is 0.96-0.98 g/g.

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