Expanding machine

Expanding machine

  • CN 104,213,940 B
  • Filed: 05/30/2014
  • Issued: 10/02/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/31/2013
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of expanding machine, which is characterized in that be made of components described below:

  • Shell is being internally provided with expanding chamber, the expanding chamber acted from the introducing port importing of action medium medium steam andLubricating oil;

    Expansion machine rotor is rotated by receiving expansive force from the steam for the action medium for being directed into above-mentioned expanding chamber by driving;

    First bearing is ball bearing, in the introducing port side bearing above-mentioned expansion machine rotor of the action medium of above-mentioned expanding chamberRotary shaft, so that above-mentioned expansion machine rotor rotates freely;

    Second bearing, in the rotary shaft of the above-mentioned expansion machine rotor of export mouth side bearing of the action medium of above-mentioned expanding chamber, so thatAbove-mentioned expansion machine rotor rotates freely;

    First bearing room is arranged in above-mentioned shell, accommodates above-mentioned first bearing, and the inside of above-mentioned first bearing room is more swollen than above-mentionedThe above-mentioned introducing port low pressure of swollen room;

    AndOil passage, by the lower end of the ratio ball of above-mentioned first bearing room position against the top with it is lower than above-mentioned first bearing roomThe low voltage section of pressure connects;

    Above-mentioned first bearing room in above-mentioned shell and the position between above-mentioned expanding chamber, are equipped with the first axle envelope room, and above-mentioned theOne axle envelope room accommodates the axle envelope for sealing the periphery of above-mentioned rotary shaft,The lower end of the end of the above-mentioned first bearing room side of above-mentioned oil passage be located at than above-mentioned axle envelope lowest part on the lowerPosition,Action medium and the lubricating oil being directed into from the introducing port of above-mentioned action medium in the fluid-mixing of above-mentioned expanding chamberPressure difference of the part based on above-mentioned expanding chamber Yu above-mentioned first bearing room flows into above-mentioned first axle by above-mentioned first axle envelope roomRoom is held,Lubricating oil after flowing into above-mentioned first bearing room and being lubricated to above-mentioned first bearing be based on above-mentioned first bearing room withThe pressure difference of above-mentioned low voltage section flows to above-mentioned low voltage section by above-mentioned oil passage.

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