Processing method of compound potato-rice dumpling

Processing method of compound potato-rice dumpling

  • CN 104,256,344 A
  • Filed: 10/24/2014
  • Published: 01/07/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/24/2014
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a processing method for the composite rice pyramid-shaped dumpling of potato, is characterized in that, comprising:

  • Step 1, to get the raw materials ready;

    according to mass parts meter, get potato composite rice 80-100 part, glutinous rice 20-30 part;

    Step 2, wash rice;

    glutinous rice is removed impurity eluriate clean after, in clear water, soak 4-8 hour, composite for potato rice is eluriated 1-2 time for subsequent use;

    Step 3, mixing;

    by the glutinous rice in step 2 and the composite rice mixing of potato, add salt, stir;

    Step 4, pack pyramid-shaped dumpling;

    the bract of material mixed in step 3 being put into sweet corn cob, packs into pyramid-shaped dumpling;

    Step 5, boil pyramid-shaped dumpling;

    the pyramid-shaped dumpling wrapped is put into pot boiling, and brew time is 0.5-1 hour, after boiling, cool the i.e. obtained described composite rice pyramid-shaped dumpling of potato;

    The composite rice of potato is by after potato full-powder, corn flour and rice meal batch mixing, puts into twin-screw extruder molding equipment through extruded, and cooling and drying obtain afterwards.

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