Glass sheet cutting method and glass sheet cutting machine

Glass sheet cutting method and glass sheet cutting machine

  • CN 104,261,664 B
  • Filed: 06/21/2006
  • Issued: 02/15/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/28/2006
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1. a kind of glass sheet cutting machine, comprising:

  • cutting blade, the cutting blade for forming cutting line on a glass;

    Mobile device, the mobile device has been preset for edge and the cutting line that formed on the glass plates moves the cutterPiece;

    Elastic press device, the elastic press device elasticity press the cutting blade against the glass plate;

    And control is singleMember, described control unit is for controlling the elastic press device, thus with fixation during the cutting blade is mobileTime interval alternate transition described in intensity of the cutting blade relative to the elastic pressing force of the glass plate,The elastic press device includes;

    the first electropneumatic regulators, and first electropneumatic regulators are used for airPressure is adjusted to weak pressure;

    First valve cell is assigned thereon by the weak pressure of first electropneumatic regulators adjustment;

    SecondElectropneumatic regulators, second electropneumatic regulators are for being adjusted to air pressure than the first electric pneumatic tuneSave the high strong pressure of the weak pressure of device adjustment;

    Second valve cell, in an " off " state by first electropneumatic regulatorsThe weak pressure of adjustment assigns thereon and under " opening " state via second valve cell by the second electric pneumatic tuneThe strong pressure for saving device adjustment assigns thereon via second valve cell,Transformation open and close shape by second valve cell of the intensity of the elasticity pressing force during cuttingThe influence of the transformation of state, andDuring such movement of the cutting blade, second valve cell repeat " to open " at regular intervals and"Off" state, thus suppressing the weak pressure of first electropneumatic regulators and second electropneumatic regulatorsPower alternately imparts the elastic press device, to press the cutting blade, while elasticity pressing force described in alternate transitionIntensity.

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