X-ray channel-type CT/DR multifunctional examining measurement equipments

X-ray channel-type CT/DR multifunctional examining measurement equipments

  • CN 104,280,410 B
  • Filed: 10/21/2014
  • Issued: 05/08/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/21/2014
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. A kind of 1. X-ray channel-type CT/DR multifunctional examining measurement equipments, it is characterised in that including:

  • Pipeline is detected, for conveying workpieces;

    Lead protection passage, covers above the detection pipeline, for shielding ray;

    Lead protection door, positioned at the side of the lead protection passage;

    Lead curtain, hangs on the both ends of the lead protection passage;

    X-ray production apparatus, for sending X-ray, positioned at the top of the lead protection channel interior;

    Linear array detector, it is corresponding up and down with the X-ray production apparatus, positioned at the lower section of the lead protection channel interior;

    Workpiece assembling seat, positioned at the lead protection channel interior, and the lead protection door correspondence, for installing workpiece and movingDynamic, rotational workpieces;

    CT scan mechanism, on the workpiece assembling seat;

    Execute-in-place platform, is connected with the X-ray production apparatus, workpiece assembling seat, CT scan mechanism, for control workpiece scanning imagery andMovement;

    The workpiece assembling seat includes:

    Transverse moving mechanism, on the inner wall of the lead protection passage, moves horizontally for providing;

    Elevating mechanism, on the transverse moving mechanism, vertically moves for providing;

    Telescoping mechanism, on the elevating mechanism, for providing back-and-forth motion;

    Chuck, on the telescoping mechanism, for installing workpiece;

    Chuck rotary drive mechanism, on the telescoping mechanism, is connected with the chuck, for driving the chuck to rotate;

    The CT scan mechanism is arranged on the chuck or on the chuck rotary drive structure, so as to being rotated at the same time with workpiece;

    In lead protection passage, installation CT turntables and its workpiece assembling seat above the conveyer belt of pipeline are detected;

    In lead protection channel interrupt opening, lead protection door and lead window are installed additional, when needing tomoscan, open lead protection door, load workPart;

    When equipment is run, through lead window observation scanning area Nei Ge mechanisms operating status;

    When running on flat scanning pattern, workpiece is positioned on conveyer belt, and transporting workpiece by conveyer belt is scanned through local, obtainsScan-image;

    After completing scanning, it is carried out with conveyer belt outside passage;

    When running on tomoscan pattern, piece-holder is on chuck, and after scanning system starts, chuck is moved along telescoping mechanism,Stretch out forwards, chuck rotary drive mechanism drives chuck and workpiece rotation thereon, rotates a circle, completes sweeping for sectionRetouch;

    When flat scanning or tomoscan, CT scan system is fixed, or is done up and down according to elevating mechanism according to specification of workpiecesAdjust;

    Workpiece assembling seat is waved according to workpiece demand installation, elevating mechanism, multi-shaft interlocked, multi-angle scanning, comprehensive to obtainFluoroscopic image;

    The identifier for being used for identifying product is equipped with the left end of detection pipeline, to improve automatization level.

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