• CN 1,043,043 A
  • Filed: 11/04/1989
  • Published: 06/13/1990
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/11/1988
  • Status: Abandoned Application
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1. , a kind of electrical contact comprises a standing part (2), and the opposed side plate (5) that is curved by base plate (5) forms;

  • One contact portion (3), protruding from described standing part (2), for the usefulness that is electrically connected with a circuit board;

    One wire interconnecting piece branch (4), between described side plate (6), power supply is connected to the usefulness of exhausted lead (30);

    Also be included in the projection 18 on each side of described wire interconnecting piece branch (4), be configured in the projection receiver hole of described side plate (6);

    Described electrical contact is characterised in that, described side plate (6) has adiabatic holes (9,9 '"'"'), described projection receiver hole (8) is adjoined in this thermal insulation hole, loose when being welded to contact portion (3) on the circuit board and remove the heat that transmits along contact portion (3) and standing part (2), thereby avoid the insulation fusing of electrical wire (30) in the wire interconnecting piece branch (4) or soften.

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