Lighting device

Lighting device

  • CN 104,344,262 B
  • Filed: 08/19/2010
  • Issued: 10/02/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/19/2009
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of lighting device, including:

  • Outer cover;

    Coupling unit, the coupling unit are coupled to the inside upper surface of the outer cover, and the coupling unit is in the outer coverInside upper surface direction on have formed in the middle part of the coupling unit first be inserted into groove;

    Reflector, the reflector include the first reflector and the second reflector, and first reflector and described second are reflectedDevice may be affixed to the outer cover and the coupling unit and can be removed from the outer cover and the coupling unit;

    AndLight source unit, the light source unit are arranged in the outer cover and are arranged in first reflector and described second anti-Between emitter,Wherein, the light source unit includes:

    The first noumenon, the first noumenon have the first inclined surface towards first reflector, first nauropemeterFace is formed on the side of the lower part of the first noumenon, and includes that the setting of the first light-emitting diode (LED) module is inclined described firstOn skewed surface, the first noumenon has the first coupling unit formed in the top of the first noumenon and described firstThe first axle formed to the other side upper process of the lower part of ontology, first coupling unit are inserted into groove by described firstIt is coupled to the coupling unit,;

    Second ontology, second ontology have the second inclined surface towards second reflector, second nauropemeterFace is formed on the side of the lower part of second ontology, and the second light-emitting diode (LED) module is arranged in second nauropemeterOn face, second ontology has the second coupling unit formed in the top of second ontology and in second ontologyLower part other side upper process the second hinge that is formed, second coupling unit be inserted into groove by coupling by described firstThe coupling unit is closed,;

    AndIntermediate body member, the both sides of the intermediate body member are by the first noumenon and second ontology in a manner of it can adhere to and can be removedCoupling, wherein the intermediate body member includes upper and lower part, and the wherein described intermediate body member has in the intermediate body memberThe the second insertion groove and the first axle and the second hinge formed on the both sides of lower part is inserted into described secondIt is inserted into groove.

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