Photographic device and method for displaying image

Photographic device and method for displaying image

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  • Filed: 05/14/2013
  • Issued: 10/26/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/07/2012
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1. a kind of photographic device, has:

  • Photographing element, colour filter of the configuration with the arrangement of scheduled colour filter, the colour filter on the pixel of rectangular arrangementDevice includes the colour filter of red, green, blue, and the photographing element exports color alignment identical with the color alignment of the colour filterThe first coloured image, the photographing element has to having passed through the shot of the different first area of photographic lens, second areaBody image carry out pupil cutting and be imaged respectively the first pixel groups, the second pixel groups and pupil point is not carried out to the shot object imageThe third pixel groups cut and be imaged, first and second pixel groups use color alignment identical with first coloured imageOr bayer arrangement with from first pixel groups, the second pixel groups export identical with first coloured image color alignment orThe first image and the second image of bayer arrangement, the never dephased third pixel groups output and first cromogramAs the common third image of identical color alignment;

    Display unit shows colored instant preview image;

    Focusing confirms image production part, the red, green, blue signal based on the described first image obtained from the photographing element and instituteThe red, green, blue signal for stating the second image generates colored focusing and confirms image;

    Image processing part, based on the common third image obtained from the photographing element, generation is shown in the display unitDisplay the second coloured image;

    Display control unit, in the display area of the second coloured image of the display generated by described image processing unit,Display confirms that the focusing of the colour of image production part generation confirms image by the focusing;

    AndPhase difference detecting unit detects the phase difference of the described first image and second image that are exported from the photographing element,The display control unit for by it is described focusing confirm image production part generate the focusing confirm image in, by instituteThe part that the phase difference that phase difference detecting unit detects is less than scheduled threshold value is stated, it is aobvious using being generated by described image processing unitThe second coloured image shown.

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