Method for preparing fish liver soup

Method for preparing fish liver soup

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  • Filed: 11/21/2014
  • Published: 02/25/2015
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1. a preparation method for fish liver custard, is characterized in that:

  • step is as follows;

    (1) fish liver removes raw meat;

    (1) select raw material;

    get fish liver, thaw, selecting structure is complete, the fish liver of uniform color, is cut into two halves;

    (2) wash;

    with water cleaning, clean to blood and other wash dirt;

    (3) low temperature removes raw meat;

    above-mentioned clean fish liver to be immersed in mixed liquor 2 ~ 3 hours, temperature 1 ~ 4 DEG C, removes part fishy smell;

    Described mixed liquor is made up of salt, cooking wine and water, and wherein, salt accounts for 2% ~ 4%, and cooking wine accounts for 5% ~ 10%;

    (4) precook;

    the fish liver after above-mentioned immersion is put into 90 ~ 100 DEG C of water and turn over and boil 5 ~ 10 minutes;

    (5) rub;

    by the fish liver draining cooling after above-mentioned precooking, be cut into small pieces, extract blood vessel, muscle, be twisted into pureed, obtain fish Liver paste;

    (2) sweetened bean paste is prepared;

    (1) select materials;

    choose full grains, complete cowpea;

    (2) bubble is sent out;

    cowpea is put into water and soak 12 ~ 24h;

    (3) boil;

    by the cowpea boiling 20 ~ 30 minutes of foaming;

    (4) system is husky;

    the cowpea boiled is broken into soya-bean milk, goes out skin of beancurd by 50 order filtered through gauze, then by remaining soybean milk liquid 100 order gauze extrusion dehydrations, obtains sweetened bean paste;

    (3) fish liver custard is prepared;

    (1) agar and pectin are added to the water with the ratio of mass ratio 1.5;

    1, heat 5 ~ 10 minutes;

    (2) in above-mentioned solution, add sucrose, heat 2 ~ 3 minutes and constantly stir, temperature 105 ~ 110 DEG C, then while stirring, add malt syrup, stir 5 ~ 8 minutes, wherein, the mass ratio of pectin and sucrose is 1;

    40, and the mass ratio of sucrose and malt syrup is 2;


    (3) in above-mentioned solution, add fish Liver paste, stir 5 ~ 10 minutes, temperature 110 ~ 130 DEG C, then add sweetened bean paste and Semen sesami nigrum, continue stirring 2 ~ 5 minutes, wherein, the mass ratio of pectin and fish Liver paste is 1;

    5, and the mass ratio of fish Liver paste, sweetened bean paste and Semen sesami nigrum three is 1;



    (4) above-mentioned boil after liquid cools after be fish liver custard.

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