A kind of ellipse optical attenuator design method

A kind of ellipse optical attenuator design method

  • CN 104,392,054 B
  • Filed: 11/27/2014
  • Issued: 11/23/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/27/2014
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1. a kind of ellipse optical attenuator design method, the structure of ellipse optical attenuator is by adjacent many Elliptic SystemsAt each elliptical long axis is identical with the ratio of short axle, but specific value is different, can be adjusted according to the actual situation;

  • SpecificallyDesign process include:

    (1) start Photoshop6.0 software, click " file ", " newly-built ", picture size parameter is set;

    (2) Layer panel is opened, is clicked " newly-built figure layer ", by the elliptical characteristic parameter of actual conditions setting, and by color panelTri- component values of R, G, B be set as 0;

    (3) " editor " is clicked, " filling " selects " filling with foreground ";

    (4) " Layer panel " is selected, clicks the newly-built figure layer of upper two step, keeps its invisible;

    (5) step 2 is repeated, chosen area is incremented by, and tri- component values of R, G, B are also incremented by, and incremental can be is incremented by equal intervals,It can also be configured according to actual needs, repeat step 3 and step 4;

    The setting carried out according to actual needs is:

    It is ovalThe numerical value of different oval corresponding tri- components of R, G, B is different in type optical attenuator, i.e., the dough softening is different, minimum ellipseTri- components of R, G, B numerical value it is minimum, the dough softening is maximum, and so on;

    The difference of the dough softening between adjacent ellipses can basisActual conditions are adjusted, and can be constant numerical difference, are also possible to meet the numerical difference of particular/special requirement, need to only be adjusted adjacentThe numerical difference of two ellipse tri- components of R, G, B;

    (6) when the picture size of step 1 setting is completely covered in figure layer, make whole layer visibles, and merge all visible layers;

    (7) in figure layer outermost, the ater frame that a pixel is 1, R=G=B=0 is drawn with " pencil " tool, as sideBoundary;

    (8) " image " is clicked, " adjustment ", " inverse ";

    (9) full choosing, duplication;

    (10) start CorelDraw X5 software;

    (11) CorelDraw file is created, pastes, image is switched into polar plot, and picture size can be adjusted according to actual needs,So that dimension of picture matches with film size;

    (12) " file " is clicked, printing selects Propalette 8000 as printer, and film output type is negative film;

    (13) it determines, completes.

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