Full-automatic agent-feeding device

Full-automatic agent-feeding device

  • CN 104,405,351 B
  • Filed: 11/13/2014
  • Issued: 08/21/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/13/2014
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of Full-automatic agent-feeding device, including, the frame formed by connector grafting of different shapes by the square tube of different lengthFrame (1), it is characterised in that:

  • Frame (1) is divided into upper box and lower box through connecting plate (36), and upper box is formed by two cavitys,The cavity of its front is used for installing distribution box (32), is provided on the interarea of the distribution box door (21) of distribution box (32) front end settingDisplay (2);

    Interior dosing mouth (12) is equipped in the cavity at upper box rear portion, interior dosing mouth (12) is mounted on interior by boltOn dosing flange (31), interior dosing flange (31) is welded on connecting plate (36), interior dosing mouth (12) and interior dosing flange (31)It is communicated with the container (14) being arranged in lower box, multiple square tubes is equipped in lower box and insert supporting layer made of company, container settingThe side wall and bottom plate of itself and lower box is set to form cavity, the outer chemical feed pipe of container (14) and side setting in the centre of supporting layer(13) it is communicated after being threadedly coupled;

    It is welded with flange (23) on connecting plate (36), is bolted on the top of flange (23)There is bent axle block (11), plunger pump assembly (22) passes through bent axle block (11), and is locked admittedly by bolt and bent axle block (11)Fixed, plunger pump assembly (22) upper end connects crankcase (10), and lower end is set with filter screen (29), in plunger pump assembly (22) oneOutlet of plunger pump valve (24) is provided on the bent axle block (11) of side, outlet of plunger pump valve (24) is communicated with overflow valve by pipeline(7), overflow valve (7) is connected to pressure regulator valve (5) by pipeline, and pressure regulator valve (5) is connected to drain apparatus (4) pipeline that side is arranged,Drain apparatus (4) is connect by outlet tube (20) with the interface (17) being arranged on outlet(discharge) flange (16), and interface (17) passes through pipeLine is spirally connected with oil well or petroleum pipeline;

    The intelligent liquid level sensor (33) with display (2) connection, intelligent liquid level sensor are equipped on connecting plate (36)(33) upper box and lower box are penetrated through, intelligent liquid level sensor (33) lower part be provided with split type liquid level counterweight conduit (25) andFloat conduit (27) is equipped with catheter holder (26) between liquid level counterweight conduit (25) and float conduit (27);

    Electric heater (28), the electrical heating plug of electric heater (28) and side setting are equipped in the container (14) of lower box(30) a completely enclosed structure is formed, and is connect with the electrical heating terminal (34) on connecting plate (36), electrical heatingTerminal (34) is located in upper box, with display (2) connection;

    The side of the overflow valve (7) is connected with excessive by pipelineWatch window (8) is flowed, overflow watch window (8) is communicated with the container (14) in lower box;

    In overflow valve (7) and pressure regulator valve(5) pressure gauge base (6) is installed on connecting pipe;

    It is had a back door connection (35) by hinge installation on the cavity at upper box rear portion, back door (35) take the shape of the letter U structure, in back door (35)Top be provided with the upper cover for sealing frame (1).

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