A kind of lutein extract deep working method

A kind of lutein extract deep working method

  • CN 104,447,468 B
  • Filed: 11/17/2014
  • Issued: 10/30/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/17/2014
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1. a kind of lutein extract deep working method, it is characterised in that:

  • The lutein extract is extraction with lower alcohols solventAgent through extracting, adds lye saponification, crystallization, filtering, obtains filter cake and filtrate containing soap;

    The lower alcohols solvent is methanol, ethyl alcoholOr isopropanol, volume fraction 95 ±


    The filter cake obtains the lutein crystal of high-purity after washing, drying;

    It is described to contain soapIt mixes, detach with dichloromethane after filtrate precipitation, obtain water phase and solvent phase;

    The water phase is concentrated to give fatty acid soaps;

    It is describedSolvent is added Vc after mutually washing and stirs evenly, and is concentrated to give the lutein crystal of low content;

    Described plus lye saponification process is controlled stage by stageFlow velocity processed:

    The 1st hour 50 ±

    2wt% that lye total amount is at the uniform velocity added is controlled, remaining lye adds in 2~5 hours;

    The lyeThe mass volume ratio of the sodium hydroxide solution for being 30%~65% for mass concentration, lutein extract and lye is 1~2;


    It is describedAdd the saponification liquor obtained by lye saponification that 10~60 μ

    s/cm of conductivity, temperature is added as 65~80 DEG C of pure water, is added and is divided with mixing pumpFrom in device, stirring and crystallizing;

    The saponification temperature is 65~85 DEG C.

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