Method for grading size of moisture soil by utilizing horizontal rotor centrifugal machine

Method for grading size of moisture soil by utilizing horizontal rotor centrifugal machine

  • CN 104,458,366 A
  • Filed: 09/23/2014
  • Published: 03/25/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/23/2014
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1. utilize horizontal rotor hydro-extractor to carry out a method for gradation to moisture soil, it is characterized in that:

  • concrete steps comprise;

    (1) soil sieves;

    choose the pedotheque that soil types is moisture soil, and fragmentation discards the plant residue and gravel that are greater than 2mm, then crosses 2mm sieve and carries out air-dry;

    (2) soil sample ultrasonication;

    concrete steps are as follows,(2.1) take 5-20g step (1) to cross 2mm to sieve air-dry soil sample be in the container of 100-200ml in volume, add water in the ratio 1;

    5-20 of soil with water weight ratio volume;

    Be placed on by container in ice bath and carry out ultrasonic process, in ultrasonic procedure, temperature can not more than 40 DEG C;

    With ultrasonic generator at 10-50JmL -1it is ultrasonic to carry out first time under energy;

    (2.2) suspending liquid of first time ultrasound wave process being poured over aperture is on the sieve of 250 μ

    m, washs with the distilled water of 1-100ml, until eluate becomes limpid, and eluate container reception;

    The part stayed above sieve is coarse sand granule and the tiny plant residue of part that particle diameter is greater than 250 μ

    m, transfers in evaporating dish, dries and weigh under 50-55 DEG C of condition;

    (2.3) receiving liquid of step (2.2) container is adjusted to Tu Shui than for 1;


    20, adding water to 100-300ml, namely to carry out second time ultrasonic, and the energy adjusting needed for second time is ultrasonic is 100-200JmL -1;

    It is on the sieve of 53 μ

    m that the suspending liquid of second time ultrasound wave process is poured over aperture, use distilled water flushing sieve, until eluate becomes limpid, stay the fine sand being greater than 53 μ

    m for particle diameter on sieve, transfer in evaporating dish, dry under 50-55 DEG C of condition, the part of drying with step (2.2) merges weighs, to be particle diameter the be sand quality of 53-2000 μ

    m now obtained;

    (2.4) with horizontal rotor hydro-extractor, centrifuging is carried out to the eluate in (2.3) step;

    Liquor capacity in Centrifuge Cup is 300-500ml;

    Hydro-extractor temperature is set as 20-25 DEG C, at 400-800rmin -1centrifugal 5-15min under centrifugal force, is poured over suspending liquid in gatherer;

    Add water in Centrifuge Cup vibration, then add water to 300-500ml, then at 400-800rmin -1lower centrifugal 5-15min, poured out by suspending liquid and merged for subsequent use with former suspending liquid, this process is carried out 6-10 time;

    For the last time centrifugal complete pour out suspending liquid after, be transferred in evaporating dish by the powder bottom centrifuge tube, dry and weigh under 50-55 DEG C of condition, what now obtain is particle diameter 2-53 μ

    m of powder quality;

    (2.5) merge in suspending liquid for subsequent use to step (2.4) and add 0.05-0.5molL -1caCl 21-30ml, makes clay flocculation;

    Solution after flocculation is shifted in Centrifuge Cup, centrifugal 10-20min under 4000-4500rmin-1, abandoning supernatant, transferred to by the clay stayed at the bottom of Centrifuge Cup in evaporating dish again and dry under 50-55 DEG C of condition and weigh, what now obtain is the clay quality of particle diameter <

    2 μ


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