Examination of glucose concentration device and detection method

Examination of glucose concentration device and detection method

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  • Filed: 09/26/2014
  • Issued: 05/25/2018
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1. a kind of detection method of examination of glucose concentration device, examination of glucose concentration device and electrochemical workstation (1) electricityConnection;

  • Examination of glucose concentration device includes controller (2), and memory (3) fills the container (4) of the upper end opening of liquid, ifIn the cover board (5) on container, the guide rail (6) in involute shape on cover board lower surface, arranged on inserting for guide rail inner end (27)Enter in liquid and using made of alloy platinum material to electrode (7), on guide rail can along the tumbler (8) that guide rail moves, ifIn the agitating device (9) for agitated liquid in container and on cover board for instilling glucose solution into containerDropping funel (10);

    The tumbler lower part is equipped in insertion liquid and using working electrode made of foam copper product(11), it is connected to electrode by the first motor (12) being arranged on guide rail inner end with guide rail, agitating device passes through gas-guide tube(13) it is connected with cover board, gas-guide tube is equipped with air pump (14);

    The controller fills respectively with memory, the first motor, rotationIt puts, the electrical connection of agitating device, air pump and electrochemical workstation;

    It is electrically connected respectively with electrochemical workstation to electrode and working electrodeIt connects;

    Working electrode and to electrode be in bar shaped plate;

    It is characterized in that include the following steps:

    Sweep interval A, scanning times maximum N are equipped in (1-1) controller, the initial value of scanning times sequence number i, i are1;

    25 to 50ml 0.1M NaOH is taken to be inserted into container, cover board is installed to container finish, makes working electrode and electrode is stretchedEnter in NaOH;

    Electrochemical workstation exports the constant voltage of 0.45V to 0.55V to working electrode, and adjusting fills the glucose solution of 0.1MThe piston of dropping funel makes dropping funel instill a drop glucose solution into container every time A;

    (1-2) to before instilling the second drop glucose solution, is controlled after dropping funel instills the first drop glucose into containerDevice processed controls agitating device to liquid agitation time B, the B <

    A in container by air pump;

    Controller controls the drive pair of the first motorElectrode rotates horizontally, while controls tumbler that working electrode is driven to be moved back and forth along guide rail, electrochemical workstation detection electric currentDensity, when the current density of detection reaches maximum, controller control tumbler and the first motor are stopped, and obtain pairThe optimum position of electrode and working electrode;

    During being rotated horizontally to electrode and working electrode moves, the opposite of maximum is remained to electrode and working electrodeArea;

    Controller calculates the concentration of glucose k in current container1, by k1With with k1The storage of corresponding current density S (t) is to depositingIn reservoir;

    (1-3) dropping funel instills i+1 drop glucose solution into container, and controller controls agitating device to holding by air pumpLiquid agitation time B, B <

    A in device;

    Electrochemical workstation detects current density, and controller calculates the grape in current containerSugared concentration ki+1, by ki+1With with ki+1Corresponding current density S (t) storage is into memory;

    (1-4) makes i values increase by 1, is transferred to step (1-3) as i≤


    Otherwise, it is transferred to step (1-5);

    Obtained N number of current density S (t) is inputted second-order linear system accidental resonance model by (1-5) controller respectivelyIn;

    And just second-order linear system accidental resonanceModel resonates;

    Wherein, x (t) is the displacement for vibrating particle, and Ω

    is angular frequency, and r and ω

    are attenuation coefficient and the linear oscillator of setting respectivelyThe frequency of particle, c are the signal adjustment coefficients of setting, and b is the quadratic noise ξ

    of setting2(t) coefficient, ξ

    (t) are three discrimination noises,ξ

    (t) ∈

    {-a, 0, a }, a >

    0, the dismutation of noise follow Poisson distribution, probability distribution ps(a)=ps(- a)=q, ps(0)=1-2q, wherein 0 <

    q <


    Noise average is followed with correlation<













    For the integral mean of ξ






    For the integral mean of ξ

    (t) ξ

    (t+ τ


    Wherein λ

    is correlation ratio, and the glacing flatness of three discrimination noise ξ

    (t) isController utilizes formulaIt calculates and obtains corresponding respectively with N number of current density S (t)Output signal-to-noise ratio SNR1, SNR2..., SNRN

    Controller reads the concentration of glucose k in memory1, k2..., kN

    Controller utilizes point (k1, SNR1), (k2,SNR2) ..., (kN, SNRN) fitting be in line, concentration of glucose prediction model is drawn according to the straight line of fitting:

    The liquid of container is poured out, and vessel cleaning is clean;

    The detection of the glucose solution W of (1-6) unknown concentration:

    25 to 50ml glucose solution W is taken to be inserted into container, cover board is installed to container finish, makes working electrode and to electrodeIt stretches into glucose solution, and makes working electrode and optimum position determined by step (1-2) is located to electrode;

    Electrochemical operationThe constant voltage stood to working electrode output 0.45V to 0.55V, electrochemical workstation detection current density S (t), controller is by S(t) input in second-order linear system accidental resonance model,And utilize formulaOutput signal-to-noise ratio SNR is calculated and obtained, SNR is substituted intoObtain the concentration k of glucose solution W.

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