Compositions comprising biological control agent and insecticide

Compositions comprising biological control agent and insecticide

  • CN 104,519,742 A
  • Filed: 05/29/2013
  • Published: 04/15/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/30/2012
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a composition, it at least one comprising cooperative effective quantity is selected from following biocontrol agent:

  • Bacillus chitinosporus AQ746 (NRRL registration number B-21618), bacillus mycoides AQ726 (NRRL registration number B-21664), bacillus pumilus (NRRL registration number B-30087), bacillus pumilus AQ717 (NRRL registration number B-21662), bacillus AQ175 (ATCC registration number

         55608), bacillus AQ177 (ATCC registration number

         55609), bacillus AQ178 (ATCC registration number

         53522), bacillus subtilis AQ743 (NRRL registration number B-21665), bacillus subtilis AQ713 (NRRL registration number B-21661), bacillus subtilis AQ153 (ATCC registration number

         55614), bacillus thuringiensis BD#32 (NRRL registration number B-21530), bacillus thuringiensis AQ52 (NRRL registration number B-21619), mould 620 (the NRRL registration numbers

         30547) of white aerogenesis, the mould A3-5 of pink aerogenesis (NRRL registration number

         30548), spherical Rhodococcus sp AQ719 (NRRL registration number B-21663), cadmium yellow streptomycete (NRRL registration number

         30232), streptomyces (NRRL registration number B-30145), B. thuringiensis subspecies BMP 123, bacillus subtilis AQ30002 (NRRL registration number B-50421) and bacillus subtilis AQ30004 (NRRL registration number B-50455),And/or the mutant with whole identification marks of each bacterial strain of these bacterial strains, and/or the metabolite showing antagonism insect, acarid, nematode and/or phytopathogen activity produced by each bacterial strain,And at least one is selected from the insecticide of modulators of ion channels and Voltage-gated Sodium Channels blocking agent.

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