A kind of carboxyrnethyl starch sodium preparation method

A kind of carboxyrnethyl starch sodium preparation method

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  • Filed: 12/22/2014
  • Issued: 11/02/2018
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1. a kind of preparation method of carboxyrnethyl starch sodium, includes the following steps:

  • (1) it stocks up:

    1. in the choline kettle that 33.8 parts of sodium hydroxide inputs are filled to 25 parts of purified waters, it is added 225 parts90-91% ethyl alcohol fully dissolves spare;

    2. by 125 parts of 90-91% ethyl alcohol of 90-110 parts of monoxonesFully dissolving filters spare;

    (2) 650 parts of ethyl alcohol for adding 90-91% into glass-lined reactor, adds 40-60 parts of sodium hydroxide to make fully to dissolve,550 parts of starch is put into, catalyst epoxychloropropane 1000ml controls 38-42 DEG C of temperature, alkalizes 1 hour,Temperature of every 20 minutes records;

    (3) chloroacetic acid solution, sodium hydroxide solution are sequentially added into glass-lined reactor, catalyst quaternary ammonium salt 800ml,53-56 DEG C of controlling reaction temperature is etherified 6 hours, temperature of every 30 minutes records;

    (4) into glass-lined reactor be added 80-83% 700 parts of ethyl alcohol, detection sodium chloride content≤

    5.8%,PH value 5.8-7.3 is separated by solid-liquid separation after qualified, and filtrate squeezes into recovery tower and carries out recycling in time;

    (5) 60-70 DEG C of drying of temperature is controlled, 3 hours dry, shutdown is transferred to screening packaging process;

    (6) after product crosses 120 mesh screens, the as finished product of carboxyrnethyl starch sodium.

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