Power generating and distribution system and method

Power generating and distribution system and method

  • CN 104,539,062 A
  • Filed: 07/18/2005
  • Published: 04/22/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/20/2004
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a distribution system, comprising:

  • At least one power supply;

    At least one microwave transmitter, is associated with each in described power supply, for electricity is converted to multiple microbeam, and guides each microbeam into selected redirector satellite, and wherein, described multiple microbeam is launched into different redirector satellite;

    At least one redirector satellite, be in around in the track of celestial body, for receiving the microbeam from described transmitter, described redirector satellite has the steering gear transmitter for the microbeam of reception being converted to multiple output microbeam and is used for the beam director that guides each output microbeam to propagate by predetermined direction, wherein, at least one redirector satellite described is launched at least one the other redirector satellite be in around in the track of celestial body, the beam director of the first redirector satellite comprises with lower device;

    this device guides at least one in described output microbeam into comprise described other redirector satellite target, to cause at least one rectenna station being positioned at celestial body distally relative to described first redirector satellite, andMultiple rectenna station on celestial body, for receiving one or more microbeam, are converted to electricity by the microwave of reception, and electricity are supplied to local user or area power grid,Wherein, each rectenna station also comprises multiple detector, balancing unit and transmitter, described multiple detector arrangement is around rectenna station, it is for detecting input microbeam, described balancing unit is connected to the output of each detector, its for monitor the power that received by detector and detect in the power received by detector have any uneven time produce output calibration signal, this signal designation wave beam does not correctly concentrate on rectenna station, described transmitter is used for correction signal being transmitted into the orbital redirector satellite just microbeam being sent to rectenna station, thus the direction of microbeam can be corrected based on the imbalance detected in the Received signal strength around rectenna station.

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