A kind of preparation method of high-quality graphene conductive film

A kind of preparation method of high-quality graphene conductive film

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  • Filed: 01/23/2015
  • Issued: 10/01/2019
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1. a kind of preparation method of high-quality graphene conductive film, it is characterised in that specific steps are as follows:

  • (1), by the natural flake graphite that 5g piece diameter is 150 μ

    m be added to concentrated nitric acid that 5ml mass percent concentration is 65% andThe nitration mixture that the concentrated sulfuric acid that 10ml mass percent concentration is 98% forms is uniformly mixed, and 10g ammonium hydrogen carbonate is then added, at 35 degreeUnder be stirred to react 8h, filter, be washed to pH=7,60 degree lower to dry 8h, obtains exfoliated graphite;

    (2), exfoliated graphite is handled under 800w microwave 4min and obtains the graphite after microwave treatment, graphite can be swollen in treatment processIt is swollen, and with spark;

    (3), by the graphite dispersion after microwave treatment into water, the ultrasound removing 40min at 500w, obtaining concentration is 0.5-2mg/The graphene aqueous solution of ml;

    (4), the graphene aqueous solution that concentration is 2mg/ml is filtered with the cellulose filter membrane that aperture is 0.22 μ

    m, obtained graphiteAlkene film is dried in vacuo 4h under 60 degree, forms graphene film flexible;

    Cellulose filter membrane is dissolved away with acetone again, and by graphiteAlkene film is transferred in quartz substrate, 800 degree of heat treatment 1h under the protection of inert gas, with polishing cloth polishing, obtain it is fine and close,Grapheme conductive film flexible;

    Tested by four probes, the film with a thickness of 5 μ

    m, conductivity 50000S/m.

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