A kind of method that agricultural stalk anaerobic fermentation prepares biogas

A kind of method that agricultural stalk anaerobic fermentation prepares biogas

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  • Filed: 02/04/2015
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1. a kind of method that agricultural stalk anaerobic fermentation prepares biogas, which is characterized in that realized by following steps:

  • (1), raw material selects;

    selecting air-dried agricultural stalk, inoculum, nitrogen, biomass carbon and water for raw material, the agriculturalStalk is in Wheat Straw, corn stover, rice straw, broomcorn straw, cotton stalk, beans stalk, peanut vine, millet straw, bagasse and jerusalem artichoke stalkAny one or two or more any weight ratios mixture;

    The inoculum is that the activity with methane phase ability is dirtyThe mixture of mud, biogas residue arbitrary proportion;

    The nitrogen is the mixing of any weight ratio of one or more of the urea of inorganic nitrogen, ammonium salt, nitrate, ammoniaThe beef extract of object or organic nitrogen, peptone, yeast extract, corn pulp, fish meal, groundnut meal, soybean cake powder it is one or two kinds of withThe mixture of upper any weight ratio;

    (2), ingredient;

    the weight ratio of agricultural stalk and inoculum is 1;

    0.5~2, the mixture and water of agricultural stalk and inoculumWeight ratio be 10~30;

    70~90, the weight ratio of biomass carbon and agricultural stalk are as follows;

    biomass carbon 1-10%, agricultural stalkThe weight ratio of 90-99%, biomass carbon and nitrogen is 20-35;


    (3), Raw material processing;

    agricultural stalk is crushed to 2cm, inoculum is crushed to partial size 2cm, is uniformly mixed with water;

    (4), anaerobic ferment for methane;

    being initially introduced into biomass carbon and nitrogen in the reactor, add crushing agricultural stalk,Inoculum and water are uniformly mixed, closed carry out anaerobic fermentation, and fermentation temperature is 55~65 DEG C, and fermentation time is 35 days to get arrivingThe biogas of high yield;

    The biomass carbon is made of agricultural stalk or timber by carbonization.

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