A kind of coconut juice beverage and preparation method thereof

A kind of coconut juice beverage and preparation method thereof

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  • Filed: 01/26/2015
  • Issued: 04/13/2018
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1. a kind of preparation method of coconut juice beverage, it is characterised in that comprise the following steps:

  • 1) squeeze the juice:

    Fresh coconut meat is rinsed well, is pulverized, the water of 70 DEG C~100 DEG C of addition is continuously squeezed the juice three times, mistakeFilter, is made coconut milk;

    2) emulsify:

    Soybean protein isolate or skimmed milk power, emulsifying agent, stabilizer are mixed, add 70 DEG C~100 DEG C of water stirringDissolving, is made mixed liquor I;

    3) allocate:

    The coconut milk, mixed liquor I, white granulated sugar are mixed, stirred, mixed liquor II is made;

    4) homogeneous:

    After the mixed liquor II is carried out level-one homogeneous, double-stage homogenization, constant volume uses acidity adjustment to required volumeAgent adjusts pH value, mixed liquor III is made, the level-one homogenization pressure is 35MPa~40MPa, and the double-stage homogenization pressure is20MPa~30MPa;

    5) filling and sterilizing:

    By the mixed liquor III it is filling after, sterilization treatment is carried out, through cooling down up to the coconut juice beverage;


    Coconut milk 7%~10%, white granulated sugar 4%~7%, soybean protein isolate 2%~3.5% or skimmed milk power 7%~8.5%,Emulsifying agent 0.4%~0.8%, stabilizer 0.05%~0.1%, surplus are water;

    The emulsifying agent is fatty acid glyceride or sucrose fatty ester;

    The stabilizer is colloid or dextrin.

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