Processing method for completely utilizing soybean seeds without wastes

Processing method for completely utilizing soybean seeds without wastes

  • CN 104,642,938 A
  • Filed: 01/12/2015
  • Published: 05/27/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/12/2015
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1. soybean kernel complete utilization, a processing method without discarded object, comprises the following steps:

  • (1) soybean kernel is driedBy " processed soybean food with soybean ", water-soluble protein content >

    =34% is selected in " standard GB/T 8612-88 " requirement, the soybean kernel of NSI value >

    =70% is raw materials for production, the raw material selected is sent in dryer, dryer operating temperature is 68 ~ 70 DEG C, operating air pressure is 0.15 ~ 0.2MPa, processing time≤

    45min, oven dry soybean moisture content ≈

    10%, keep NSI value >


    (2) soybean kernel decortication and seed coat, cotyledon be separatedBy the raw soybeans of moisture content≤

    10% after drying and processing, send in decorticating separator, peel through mill rubbing and blower fan sorting, make the soybean moisture content after decortication be reduced to further≤

    9%, soybean peeling rate >


    (3) skin of beancurd preparation " the natural degreasing powder of fibre and soya " or " food fibre powder " is pulverizedThe skin of beancurd that being about of (2) step being sub-elected, soybean kernel weighed 10%, containing cellulose is about 70% is sent in general flour mill, grinds into 50 ~ 150 object soybean peel powder, obtains accessory substance of the present invention " the natural degreasing powder of fibre and soya ", " food fibre powder "As " soy bean edible fiber powder " that food adds, about being milled to granularity 90 order, " the natural degreasing powder of fibre and soya " the fineness scope as wipe oil can be relaxed to 50 ~ 150 orders;

    (4) soybean cotyledon breaks lobeBy the soybean cotyledon crusher in crushing that step (2) sub-elects, every cracking soybeans becomes 6 ~ 10 lobes;

    (5) soybean cotyledon abrasive dust;

    Soybean cotyledon after step (4) fragmentation is sent into selection by winnowing, without in sieve, hammer slice type flour mill, cotyledon is smashed by the hammer leaf in pulverizer, hair-dryer in pulverizer will brokenly successively blow in collection powder cylinder to being narrower than 200 object fleshy cotyledon fine powders at any time, obtains major product of the present invention---" the fast food jellied bean curd powder ", " bean curd packed in box powder " of NSI value >

    =60%, φ

    200 order, moisture content≤


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