A kind of high-temperature low-pressure aging testing method

A kind of high-temperature low-pressure aging testing method

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  • Filed: 03/17/2015
  • Issued: 10/16/2018
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1. one kind is for testing SF6The high-temperature low-pressure aging testing method of disc insulator inside gas current transformer, it is specialSign is, the described method comprises the following steps:

  • S100:

    Component using washes of absolute alcohol for experiment, and place the T1 times after having cleaned and dry;

    The component packetInsulation sample, artificial tip, support base and the cavity inner wall for high-temperature low-pressure ageing test apparatus are included, to remove large volumeImpurity and dust, avoid the impurity and dust from being attached to the insulation specimen surface;

    It is described insulation sample raw material andTechnique and SF6Disc insulator in gas current transformer it is identical;


    Experimental rig is opened, the insulation sample is put into the test cavity of the experimental rig, institute is screwed inIt states in support base;


    The high and low pressure side that the insulation sample is connected with conducting wire, then seals the experimental rig;

    The experimental rig carries valve interface, and the valve interface with external gas valve for being connected;


    By vacuum pump, SF6Gas cylinder, gas production bag are connected with three connectors of external gas valve respectively, the external gasValve further includes valve body, and the pipeline of the valve body is four-way structure, another interface and the examination of the external gas valveExperiment device is connected;


    It opens the valve corresponding to the gas cylinder and inwardly injects SF6Gas, until inside is close to 0.1Mpa;


    After standing 30 minutes, gas is discharged and is vacuumized again;


    It executes step S302~S303 2~3 times repeatedly, opens the valve internally gas injection corresponding to the gas cylinder, untilInternal gas pressure is 0.3-0.4Mpa;


    It is sealed detection, and is heated up to the experimental rig;


    Pressurize to the test cavity, by shelf depreciation apparatus measures and record it is described insulation sample starting putPiezoelectric voltage;


    It is boosted using transformer, first time hierarchical selection firing potential;

    It is sealed later every the T2 timesThen detection carries out the boost process of a certain voltage U, until puncturing;

    The T2 and U is arranged according to experimental design;


    After each boosting, a shelf depreciation is carried out to the experimental rig, dielectric dissipation factor is tested;

    SimultaneouslyTo carrying out taking gas inside the experimental rig, the measurement of gas-chromatography and infrared spectrum is carried out;


    Experimental result is analyzed, the influence of temperature, voltage, pressing time to SF6 insulation sample electric discharges is found out, seeksDischarge capacity, discharge energy and electric discharge fingerprint is looked for decompose the correlativity of gas with SF6.

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