Cold-proof drought-resistant cultivation method for potatoes

Cold-proof drought-resistant cultivation method for potatoes

  • CN 104,663,226 A
  • Filed: 03/12/2015
  • Published: 06/03/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/12/2015
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1. a cold-proof drought resisting potato culture method, is characterized in that comprising the following steps:

  • (1) Fruit variety;

    select good quality and high output, wide adaptability, disease resistance is strong, commodity good, the precocious toxicity-removing white potato kind of fresh type;

    (2) the fritter potato seed whole photo sowing of potato seed process;

    30 ~ 50g, with how clever bacterium 500 ~ 700 times of liquid soaking disinfection 15 ~ 20min;

    Stripping and slicing is carried out in the potato seed of more than 50g, prepares two cutting knifes and is all immersed in the liquor potassic permanganate of 1% and carries out disinfection, and rotation uses, every block potato seed 25 ~ 40g, and with 1 ~ 2 eye, the potato block quicklime after stripping and slicing or seed dressing disinfectant powder carry out stripping and slicing seed dressing;

    (3) whole ground ridging;

    select irrigation and drainage convenience, farming layer depth, be rich in organic matter, loose sandy loam or loam;

    After loosening the soil to soil breaking, by the whole furrow of specification ridging of furrow width 40 ~ 45cm between furrow band furrow width 110 ~ 120cm, the high 25 ~ 30cm of ridge furrow, furrow face width 70 ~ 80cm, two furrow;

    (4) seeding and fertilizing;

    shallowly on furrow face open the dark plantation ditch of two 10cm before sowing, every mu of sowing 4500 ~ 5600 strains, every mu needs potato seed 150 ~ 180kg, by potato seed according to duplicate rows triangular planting, spacing in the rows 20 ~ 25cm, line-spacing 35 ~ 40cm;

    Putting build soil two row potato seeds between, shallow cut dressing furrow, every mu execute decomposed manure 250kg, 45% Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium 75kg, urea 10kg, potassium sulfate 15kg;

    (5) lay droping irrigating pipe to water;

    after seeding and fertilizing, lay drip irrigation main pipeline at the edge of a field, in the middle of furrow face, lay drip irrigation branch pipe(tube), branch pipe(tube) end is locked with sebific duct after giving a discount, be connected by four-way connection between main pipeline with branch pipe(tube), and then water;

    (6) overlay film blinding;

    use is artificial or laminating machine is wide by 1m, the brand-new unregistered land film of 0.008cm thickness covers on furrow, adopt hack to compress mulch film both sides, on the film of unregistered land, cladding thickness is 6 ~ 8cm soil in small, broken bits;

    (7) freeze prevention measure;

    foliage-spray fulvic acid or 600 times of Tianda-2116s+800 times of shrimp peptide ammino acid foliage fertilizers before frost arrives, after temperature is stable, when having young leaves to occur, drains ditch internal water accumulation;

    (8) damage by disease and insect prevention and control;

    spray the general generation of making every effort to overcome bactericidal agent for preventing and treating epidemic disease, downy mildew of+700 times 72.2%, 3 ‰

    potassium nitrate;

    Spray 40% can kill 600-700 doubly or 72% metalaxyl manganese-zinc wettable powder 600-800 doubly prevent and treat the generation of balck shank;

    Other damage by disease and insect prevention and control are carried out according to the requirement of GB/T 8321;

    (9) results and classification;

    time and conventional method are gathered in the crops routinely;

    After results, by suitable for potato airing with air-dry surface moisture, remove the potato block of rotten, damaged, sick potato, blue or green head and band insect population, then carry out classification according to size, adopt mesh bag or packed in cases listing.

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