Tuber breeding and culturing method of paris polyphylla

Tuber breeding and culturing method of paris polyphylla

  • CN 104,718,963 A
  • Filed: 04/12/2015
  • Published: 06/24/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/12/2015
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1. a stem tuber Propogation and culture method for Yunnan Paris polyphylla, is characterized in that:

  • comprise the steps;

    (1) stem tuber process;

    after November, Yunnan Paris polyphylla gathered, gets healthy finished product Yunnan Paris polyphylla, is cut into irregular fritter, puts into liquid medicine and soaks 20 ~ 30 minutes, take out and dry moisture;

    (2) treatment of wounds;

    the above-mentioned Yunnan Paris polyphylla tubercle drying moisture is put into insulating box, temperature controls between 28 ~ 30 DEG C, take out after putting 22 ~ 26h, soak 15 ~ 20 minutes with the rooting powder solution that mass concentration is 15% again, then pull out and dry moisture and put into and freeze storehouse and carry out dormancy process, temperature controls at 4 ~ 5 DEG C, and dormancy is after 20 days, in 22 DEG C of insulating boxs, allow it break stop process 3 days, above processing procedure repeats 3 times;

    (3) vernalization;

    the Wen Shazhong that after third time completes, the Yunnan Paris polyphylla tubercle handled well of taking-up puts into 26 DEG C ~ 28 DEG C carries out vernalization, 30 ~ 40 days just can eruption brood cell;

    (4) transplant;

    the Yunnan Paris polyphylla stem tuber of eruption gemma was transplanted in April next year, and seeding row spacing is 15 ×

    20cm, cover pine tag or broken grass after transplanting, then take shade net and shade, note in transplanting process protection terminal bud and fibrous root injury-free;

    (5) field management;

    1. intertill and clean tillage;

    at subterranean stem early growth period, intertill gently, can not be excessively dark, in order to avoid injury subterranean stem;

    2. row irrigation;

    field surrounding holds drain ditch successfully, is beneficial to draining;

    3. pluck top;

    before end of nourishing and growing, ovary is extractd to the plant of not reserving seed for planting, but will sepal be retained, to carry out photosynthesis, ensure the transfer of organic substance to rhizome;

    (6) extermination of disease and insect pest;

    1. root rot;

    with 500 times of carbendazim seed soaking 1 ~ 2 hour during transplanting, dredging drain ditch;

    Fall ill, watered with carbendazim 500 times of liquid or with 200 times of lime waters;

    2. leaf blight;

    in time draining, to loosen the soil, their early stage 200 times of bordeaux mixture are sprayed;

    3. cutworm, grub;

    be 90% trichlorphon by mass concentration, stirs fragrant wheat skin or 8 ~ 10 kilograms, rice bran, is spread on field and traps and kills by 180 ~ 200 grams every mu.

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