Polymer emulsion interfacial agent for treating building wall and preparation method of polymer emulsion interfacial agent

Polymer emulsion interfacial agent for treating building wall and preparation method of polymer emulsion interfacial agent

  • CN 104,745,012 A
  • Filed: 03/28/2015
  • Published: 07/01/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/28/2015
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1. a polymer emulsion interfacial agents for building wall process, is made up of component A and B component, is 1:

  • 1 mixing during use by weight ratio;

    Its concrete component of described component A and weight percent content as follows;

    1), Natvosol 0.1%-0.5%;

    2), dispersion agent 0.2%-0.9%;

    3), silica powder 12%-19%;

    4), vinylbenzene and acrylic ester polymerization emulsion 40%-55%;

    5), the acrylic resin modified 8%-10% of rare earth nano Ce-ATO;

    6), sanitas 0.05%-0.35%;

    7), mould inhibitor 0.01%-0.2%;

    8), multifunctional assistant 0.05%-0.25%;

    9), thickening material 0.05%-0.55%;

    10), defoamer 0.1%-0.5%;

    11), film coalescence aid 0.2%-0.7%;

    12), water 18%-35%;

    13), modified unsaturated polyester resin 1%-5%;

    Described modified unsaturated polyester resin is prepared from by following method;

         1) cis-butenedioic anhydride hydrolysis generates maleic acid;

         2) dicyclopentadiene is under 110 ~ 140 DEG C of conditions, with the carboxyl generation addition reaction of maleic acid, generates dicyclopentadiene-maleic acid monoester;

         3) there is esterifying polycondensation as unitary unsaturated acid and propylene glycol and react in dicyclopentadiene-maleic acid monoester under esterifying catalyst, obtains the polyester of dicyclopentadiene end-blocking;

         4) polyester of dicyclopentadiene end-blocking, with methyl methacrylate dilution, obtains dicyclic pentylene modified unsaturated polyester resin;

    Wherein step

         3) dicyclopentadiene as unitary unsaturated acid and propylene glycol under methanesulfonic acid catalyzed agent, constantly stir under nitrogen protection under normal pressure, progressively heat up, utilize fractional column, continuous separation and discharge reaction water, carry out esterifying polycondensation reaction gradually, be slowly warmed up to 200 DEG C, when reactant acid number is reduced to 30 ~ 40 mgKOH/gUP, stopped reaction, starts cooling;

    Treat that temperature is reduced to 125 DEG C, add the hydroquinone of polymerization retarder that massfraction is 0.015 ~ 0.025 wt%, stir the polyester obtaining dicyclopentadiene end-blocking;

    Continue cooling, when temperature is 90 ~ 110 DEG C, add methyl methacrylate monomer, fully stir and cool, obtaining the dicyclic pentylene modified unsaturated polyester resin of brown yellow transparent liquid;

    The composition weight percent content of described B component is;

    1) wollastonite powder 20%-38%2) silica powder 15%-35%3) quartz sand 28%-40%4) Cerium monophosphate 10%-15%5) titanate coupling agent 0.05 ~ 0.2%6) cobalt naphthenate 0.1 ~ 0.3%7) methylethyl ketone peroxide 0.05 ~ 0.15%.

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