Highly-modularized flat plate type multiphase permanent magnet linear motor

Highly-modularized flat plate type multiphase permanent magnet linear motor

  • CN 104,767,351 A
  • Filed: 04/29/2015
  • Published: 07/08/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/29/2015
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the flat multi-phase permanent linear electric motors of high modularization, it is characterized in that, it comprises k stator (1) and permanent magnetic rotor (2), k=1 or 2, during k=1, stator (1) is arranged on the side of permanent magnetic rotor (2);

  • During k=2, two stators (1) are symmetricly set on the both sides of permanent magnetic rotor (2);

    The air gap that length is L is left between stator (1) and permanent magnetic rotor (2);

    Stator (1) is assembled by 2m stator modules, and m is the number of phases of motor, and 2m stator modules is assembled into the stator (1) of a disk construction vertically;

    Each stator modules comprises stator core (3) and concentratred winding (5);

    Two fault-tolerant teeths (3-1) of the upper setting of stator core (3) and an armature tooth (3-2), armature tooth (3-2) is positioned between two fault-tolerant teeths (3-1), and armature tooth (3-2) length is in axial direction greater than fault-tolerant teeth (3-1) length in axial direction;

    Above-mentioned tooth surrounds two stator slots (4) jointly, and stator slot (4) is arranged towards permanent magnetic rotor (2);

    Stator core (3) and stator slot (4) are plate shaped, and concentratred winding (5) is embedded in stator slot (4), and are wound on armature tooth (3-2);

    From left to right, often adjacent two stator modules form a phase module of motor, and concentratred winding (5) number of turn of two stator modules described in same phase module is identical, coiling direction is contrary;

    Permanent magnetic rotor (2) comprises mover core (6) and permanent magnet (7), mover core (6) and permanent magnet (7) are plate shaped, and permanent magnet (7) is arranged on the surface of mover core (6) towards stator (1);

    Permanent magnet (7) magnetizes along the direction perpendicular to gas gap plane, and the magnetizing direction of adjacent permanent magnet (7) is alternately contrary.

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