A kind of epoxide resin vacuum degassing control method

A kind of epoxide resin vacuum degassing control method

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  • Filed: 04/14/2015
  • Issued: 06/05/2018
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1. The control method 1. a kind of epoxide resin vacuum deaerates, for using the vacuum stirring deaeration of two level mixing system;

  • Its featureIt is, when changing mixture recipes or when vacuumizing operating mode, storage tank A and storage tank B is compared in heating and true by Site DetectionIn sky stirring de-aeration, vacuum stirring deaeration effect of the batch mixing under each specific temperature, pressure and mixing speed makes it canTemperature, pressure and the mixing speed for not influencing the new technique of production selection vacuum stirring deaeration in adopted former technique are setIt puts;

    System reflects the variation of bubble effusion quantity and volume in epoxy resin batch mixing using the variation of vacuum degree, a certain anti-It reflects under the design temperature of viscosity change, by starting vacuum pump, detection vacuum degree reaches the time of upper limit value from preset lower limit,Compare the setting for optimizing mixing speed to be reflected in the mixing speed and set lower deaeration efficiency and pass through repeatedly production detection,By closing vacuum pump, detection vacuum degree reaches the time of lower limiting value from setting upper limit value, to reflect that deaeration at such a temperature is imitatedFruit compares to optimize temperature, pressure setting by the detection of each temperature set-point;

    Master controller uses staged heating mode, 3-8 DEG C or so of identical warming room is taken to be taken every its terminal temperature a little higher than mixedThe design temperature of batch can, meanwhile, the combination of each temperature and pressure is determined according to the saturated vapor pressure of material in batch mixing;

    Storage tank A first puts into epoxy resin, then puts at a temperature of silicon powder is cooled to beginning and heat up, and storage tank B first puts into curingAgent, then put at a temperature of silicon powder, mill base and toughener are cooled to beginning and heat up, beginning temperature, that is, batch mixing can carry outThe temperature of vacuum stirring starts staged heating, warming room every equal, pressure setting be with temperature-rise period using subsection setup,Wherein the setting of its pressure of storage tank A is using each temperature section according to the staged heating mode, and maximum temperature is using former techniqueDefinite pressure simultaneously corrects pressure set points again to low lapse of temperature, and according to temperature section design temperature difference, i.e., in storingTank A can reach and the permission vacuum ranges that are resistant in, make its be no more than and slightly less than in batch mixing material saturated vapor pressure,The mixing speed of blender is used according to the staged heating mode temperature sections at different levels, and maximum temperature is determined using former techniqueMixing speed simultaneously makes its mixing speed at different levels escape speed phase with bubble to low lapse of temperature, and through the comparison of multiple production effectIt adapts to, wherein its blender of storage tank B is constant by former technological requirement continuous work mixing speed, and sets and press by former technological requirementThe setting value of power, and by setup pressure value as each temperature section low pressure limit value, and vacuum degree is taken to drop to the low pressure limit valueAdding 6-15%, pressure determined by each temperature section is set in the range of bound by storage tank A respectively, by corresponding as upper limit valueTemperature section setup pressure value takes vacuum degree to drop to the low pressure limit value and adds 6-15% as the upper limit as low pressure limit valueIt reflects that the pressure signal of vacuum degree send master controller to handle by value, storage tank A and storage tank B, opens or closes vacuum pumpWorking signal is sent by master controller, and master controller uses staged heating mode, and storage tank A and storage tank B are beginning when workingIt heats up at a temperature of end and opening vacuum pump and vacuumizing makes vacuum degree reach relevant temperature section setting low pressure limit value, and reach the temperatureWhen spending section design temperature, vacuum pump and valve are closed, starts the drop timer of detection vacuum degree when vacuum degree drops to settingTiming terminates during upper pressure limit value, opens valve again after making the excessive bubble of several seconds delay elimination and vacuum pump vacuumizes, storage tank AStart the rising timer of vacuum degree simultaneously, vacuum degree is made to reach setting low pressure limit value timing and is terminated, into next section, soIn cycles, it is sequentially recorded the drop timer of each vacuum degree and rises the timing time of timer, storage tank A rises meterWhen device reflect that mixing speed sets the influence to vacuumizing performance, the rising meter of more each vacuum degree after multiple comparision of productionWhen device timing time length, reflect the vacuum stirring deaeration effect of its design temperature point, to determine its mixing speed so as to obtainingMixing speed under each temperature-viscosity, drop timer reflect system in each temperature section bubble formation speed, deduction vacuumSlip influences the drop timer timing time reflection deaeration effect of more each vacuum degree, then to stopping after terminal temperatureHeating, and constant-temperature vacuum stirs deaeration under the desired temperature of former technological requirement and its activity time of permission, presses again afterwardsFormer technological requirement is poured into a mould, cured and demoulded, and is completed detection process, is usually produced, storage tank B directly selects drop timerThe temperature of the longer temperature section of timing time is as desired temperature, remaining vacuum degree determined by former technique and mixing speed constant temperatureOperation, usually produces, storage tank A according to deaeration effect choose its one or more drop timer timing time it is relatively long pairThe temperature section parameter answered is as temperature, pressure and mixing speed setting value, and constant temperature is transported when temperature rises to the desired temperatureRow, each temperature section within the scope of remaining temperature determined in former technique by its temperature, pressure and mixing speed setting literTemperature to being transferred to next temperature section after desired temperature, according to be reached final vacuum degree and vacuumize elapsed time, work consumes,Energy consumption is usually given birth to through comparing the relatively long corresponding temperature section conduct of its one or more drop timer timing time of selectionTemperature, pressure and the mixing speed setting value of production, and partial discharge detection is done to pouring piece with PD meter, check whether it meets countryRelevant criterion or inner controlling standard of enterprise reselection pumpdown time and desired temperature.

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