A kind of sweet tea persimmon hedge shape shaping methods

A kind of sweet tea persimmon hedge shape shaping methods

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  • Filed: 05/05/2015
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1. a kind of sweet tea persimmon hedge shape shaping and trimming method, it is characterised in that methods described includes:

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    Cultivate strong upright major branch;


    Cultivate the canopy of hedge shape;


    Using Long pruning mode cultivation results branch group, cultivate preparation branch and be updated;

    Wherein sweet tea persimmon planting density is that mu plants 222 plants, and distance between rows and hills is 3.0m ×


    Stand is colonized along sweet tea persimmon row;

    The hedgeThe a height of 0.60m of trunk of shape, center trunk a height of 3.0m, 3.5~4.0m of height of tree crown;

    Tree crown thing crown diameter is 1.5m, north and southCrown diameter is 1.2~1.5m;

    On trunk raw 20~25 fruit-bearing shoot clusters, the distance on trunk is 10~12cm, twistDistribution;

    Branch group average length is 1.35m, and average base angle is 65 °

    , and haunch is 85 °

    , and persimmon garden leaf area index is 4.5, tree crown coveringRate is 50%~65%, and handing-over 10%~20% is allowed between strain;

    1.2~1.5m of hedge width;

    It is trained by the way of long shoot gets rid of and putSingle shaft branch group, with single shaft branch group increase, the gradual overstriking of branch axle, life progressively rotation year by year in 5~6 years, sweet tea persimmon kryptoblast long lifespan andEasily sprout, accessory bud formed kryptoblast by trimming stimulate under conditions of illumination abundance easily hair long shoot, for branch group renewal orShort covering;

    Annual complete stool selects 2~3 thick branch group to remove, the shoot that next year sprouts from saw kerf gets rid of put after fill up neutral gear, be trainedShoot group;

    Golden mean of the Confucian school nutrition branch is got rid of and put, is trained sprig group, middle fruit spur retains;

    It is described cultivate hedge shape the specific incubation step of canopy be:

    Building well 5~July then, stand is set as requested, and willNursery stock bondage is on connecting filament;

    Control collateral generation gesture, 20~30cm of side shoot length are in 90 °

    with toothpick angle of release after rudiment;

    ForSurely the competitive branch 20cm heavy pinchings that dry place is sent, release competitive advantage, in order to inspire point, it is ensured that the dry prosperous growth by force in center, centerThe dry rudiment branch in the 60cm of ground all removes;

    The strong tip cuts 1.0~1.5cm when winter cuts, and inspires weak bud weak within 30cmLight cutting back 5.0cm is done in branch, center;

    In the spring in next year, dry quarter bud is carried out in center, it is desirable to early, near, deep;

    1 bud is carved every 4 buds, tightlyPaste above sprout, using hacksaw blade, as deep as xylem, while smear gibberellin cream and promote bud growth;

    Remove the bud of top the 2nd and the 3rdBud, keep terminal bud growth vigor;

    The 8-9 months even up long 50cm branch to 80~90 °

    , and fruit-bearing shoot cluster is arranged in the dry spiral in centerRow, and growth potential is kept in balance, homonymy position keeps 25cm spacing up and down;

    It is strong prosperous big on winter pruning major control center is dryBranch growth gesture;

    Total branch amount deficiency is set within 3rd year entirely, continues mesh wound quarter bud at branch lacking;

    Growing season should control the upright of young sproutProsperous length, carry out drawing branch or smooth out with the fingers branch, to relax nutrient growth;

    The dry height in when winter cuts such as center is not up to more than 2.5m, to extending headCut in continuing at full bud;

    The dry upper branch base portion rugosity in center is controlled to be more than with the strong of position center dry crude more than 1/5 simultaneouslyBranch, is removed, or cut and stay 1.0cm stubs;

    4th year sweet tea persimmon enters just fruiting period, 3.5~4.0m of the height of tree, fruit-bearing shoot cluster 20~25It is individual;

    Enter the best fruiting period within 7~8 years, bounced back in time after paying attention to result, make setting fruit position all the time close to trunk;

    Winter is cut in trunk heightFall head at 2.5m, fall to stay with branch.

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