The manufacture method of acetic acid

The manufacture method of acetic acid

  • CN 104,884,421 B
  • Filed: 12/02/2013
  • Issued: 05/04/2018
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/21/2012
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1. a kind of method for manufacturing acetic acid, this method include:

  • In the presence of the catalyst system containing metallic catalyst, metal halide and iodomethane, methanol and carbon monoxide is set to existThe reaction process continuously reacted in carbonylation reactor;

    Reaction mixture is separated into the volatilization phase (2A) of the acetic acid containing generation and iodomethane and containing metallic catalyst and halogenChange the flash process of the low volatilization phase (2B) of metal;

    The volatilization phase (2A) is separated into the overhead (3A) of the acetaldehyde containing iodomethane and by-product and evaporating containing acetic acidDivide the distillation process of (3B);

    AndProcess to being produced by least one process in these processes and at least the gas phase containing acetaldehyde is condensed, wherein,In condensation procedure, the gas phase is set to be condensed in multiple condensers, the condensation that generation condensate temperature in turn reducesLiquid, also, the temperature setting of initial condensate liquid is less than 110 DEG C by (1), (2) set the temperature of the 2nd later condensate liquidThe temperature of acetaldehyde can be condensed by being set to, and acetaldehyde be separated in the concentrate high from acetaldehyde concentration, so as to manufacture acetic acid.

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