Processing method for braised potatoes and beef as main meal dish

Processing method for braised potatoes and beef as main meal dish

  • CN 104,886,610 A
  • Filed: 05/14/2015
  • Published: 09/09/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/14/2015
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1. a processing method for dinner dish goulash, is characterized in that, comprises the following steps:

  • Step one, the stripping and slicing of beef 250-1500 part will be given birth to, by the stripping and slicing of potato 100-600 part;

    After potato is cut into block, be the saline sook 30 minutes of 1% by mass concentration;

    Step 2, oily 50-300 part, burn to 7 one-tenth heat, and add green onion 10-60 part, ginger 10-60 part, garlic 10-60 part and capsicum paste 30-180 part and fry fragrant, put into beef, stir fry in oil 5-20 minute;

    Potato is fried, and be 5-10 times of potato weight by oil mass, oil temperature is 170-200 DEG C, fried 2-3 minute;

    Step 3, preparation flavoring, flavoring comprises cooking wine 20-120 part, soy sauce 40-240 part, salt 10-60 part, monosodium glutamate 4-24 part, chickens'"'"' extract 4-24 part, pepper powder 2-12 part and white sugar 15-90 part;

    Step 4, the first big fire that adds water are boiled, then put into the flavoring of beef and preparation, turn little fire and stew and boil to beef medium well, add through fried potato, stew to potato ripe soft, obtain goulash;

    Step 5, the goulash packaging that described step 4 is stewed, freezing at being placed in-20 DEG C;

    Wherein, the consumption of each raw material is with weight parts.

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