Labor-saving automatic plasmid extraction element

Labor-saving automatic plasmid extraction element

  • CN 104,893,967 B
  • Filed: 11/29/2013
  • Issued: 07/23/2019
  • Est. Priority Date: 11/29/2013
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a kind of labor-saving automatic plasmid extraction element, it is characterised in that:

  • it includes master controller (1), Centrifugal vibration dressSet and be respectively arranged at the liquid adding and extracting device and lifting gland rotary lifting mechanism of Centrifugal vibration device two sides, centrifugation vibrationCentrifugal seat (2) are provided on dynamic device;

    Multiple centrifugation tube seats (3) are provided in centrifugal seat (2), one of centrifugation tube seat (3)Side setting positioning inductor (4);

    Sensor (5) corresponding with positioning inductor (4) is provided in centrifugal seat;

    The buckLid rotary lifting mechanism includes rotatable bracket and liftable lifting gland (6);

    Bracket is L shape;

    Go up and down gland (6) connectionOn bracket;

    Centrifugation pipe close (7) corresponding with centrifugation tube seat (3) is provided with below lifting gland (6);

    Liquid adding and extracting device packetThe liquid relief disk (9) for including rotatable L bracket (8) and being set on L bracket (8);

    Liquid relief disk is provided with multiple liquid feedings on (9)Manage (10) and pipette (11);

    Solenoid valve (12) are connected on liquid-feeding tube (10);

    The Centrifugal vibration device includes pedestal (14), vibrating motor (15), vibrating seat (16) and centrifuge (17);

    The centrifugation tube seat (3) being arranged in the centrifugal seat (2) is even number;

    Quantity is correspondingly arranged below lifting gland (6)The identical centrifugation pipe close (7) with centrifugation tube seat (3);

    It is located at liquid adding and extracting device in the centrifugal seat (2) and is nearby provided with waste liquid tank (13);

    The master controller (1) is used to control rotation and vibration, the rotation of liquid adding and extracting device and lifting of Centrifugal vibration deviceAnd rotation and lifting to being injected in centrifuge tube and taking out liquid, go up and down gland rotary lifting mechanism, solenoid valve (12) are openedIt closes, the switch that the compression and release and centrifugation for being centrifuged pipe close (7) are covered;

    Pipette (11) includes the first waste liquid suction pipe and the second pipette, and disposable long plastics are loaded onto end in advancePipe.

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