Construction method for curve edge end surface of building water supplying thin-walled stainless steel pipeline

Construction method for curve edge end surface of building water supplying thin-walled stainless steel pipeline

  • CN 104,896,193 A
  • Filed: 04/20/2015
  • Published: 09/09/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/20/2015
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1. a building water supply thin ancient piece of jade, round, flat and with a hole in its centre stainless steel pipeline curved end face formula method of construction, is characterized in that:

  • the method comprises the following steps;

    (1) each pipeline layout;

    folded figure is carried out to each pipeline, finds out the collision point of intersection of plane, absolute altitude and trend, find in advance and correct line alignment;

    (2) on-the-spotly accurately to measure and record;

    adopt 20-50m steel ring chi, line falls, 300-500mm Straight Steel Ruler accurately measures vertical trunk pipeline section, horizontal trunk pipeline section and branched pipe segment length and record with angle square, the joint quantity that each caliber of pipeline need process is calculated, the quantity of pipe fitting, valve, flowmeter, water nozzle and conversion part according to measurement result;

    (3) pipeline curved end face bellmouth processing;

    thin-wall stainless steel tubing end face adopts collaring machine to be processed into hyperbolic or single end face bellmouth, adopt hyperbolic end face bellmouth during tubing nominal diameter DN15-25mm, adopt single end face bellmouth as tubing nominal diameter DN32-400mm;

    (4) connection of thin-wall stainless steel tubing and pipe fitting;

    thin-wall stainless steel tubing is connected with pipe fitting end face, end-surface type connects and is divided into helical and flange type two kinds by pipe diameter size, nominal diameter DN15-32mm is helical, and nominal diameter DN40-300mm is flange type;

    (5) set aside pre-embedded;

    when Pipeline Crossing Program wall floor or embedding wall secretly apply, civil engineering box out, service sleeve need be coordinated, stay groove or dig wall chase;

    (6) bracket hanger makes;

    pipeline external arranges supporting, be divided into fixed support and travel(l)ing rest, travel(l)ing rest is arranged on pipeline reducing diameter, branch, jointing, passes through load bearing wall, floor place, and fixed support is arranged on pipeline water distribution point place, equipment adapter place, water tank and pond import and export;

    (7) pipeline outer wall process;

    thin-wall stainless steel tubing outer wall sets gradually heat insulation layer, vapor barrier and protective layer;

    (8) pressure test;

    cold water pipes test pressure is 1.5 times of pipe-line system working pressure and >

    =0.6MPa, hot water pipeline test pressure is that the working pressure on pipe-line system summit adds 0.1MPa and the test pressure >

    =0.3MPa on system summit, gas during test in first slowly water filling purging line, system pressure rising time >

    =10min, after pressure rises to test pressure, observe each connection part with or without water leakage phenomenon, at 10min internal pressure drop-out value≤


    (9) pipeline cleaning;

    after pressure test is qualified, carries out continuous flushing with flow velocity >

    =1m/s to pipeline with tap water, to outlet port turbidity, colourity are identical with ingress;

    (10) pipeline sterilization;

    be that the potassium permanganate disinfection solution of 0.03% or the clean water of chlorine ion concentration≤

    20mg/L are filled pipeline and carried out disinfection by concentration, thimerosal is emptying after standing 24h in pipeline, more thoroughly cleans with potable water;

    (11) installation and measuring;

    check that whether the position of hidden pipeline specifications size, supporting member is correct, whether fixing firm, whether pipeline extension indemnifying measure and Insulation meet designing requirement.

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