Integrative market system and method

Integrative market system and method

  • CN 104,899,773 A
  • Filed: 02/12/2015
  • Published: 09/09/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/12/2015
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1. incorporate a formula market system, comprising:

  • Be starting point for potential customer'"'"'s problems faced, be the theme to deal with problems, in issue-resolution, naturally incorporate commodity or Business Information, commodity or businessman incorporate as one or more prime forms of wanting of dealing with problems.Carrier can be word, image, sound, video, hyperlink, material object etc., or its combination;

    In audient, can vision, the sense of hearing, sense of smell, the sense of taste, sense of touch, thinking etc. be passed through, or its combination.As in the theme article or multimedia of one section of electronic edition, segment word, image, sound, video etc. in backstage attachment hyperlink, form one or more hyperlink module, when reader mouse moved to or this content of reconnaissance time will eject this commodity purchasing functional module or buy interface, click can place an order purchase, realize seamless sale, merchandise sales and solution customer demand are merged automatically, and the height realizing social value and commercial value merges.Also can non-cohesive hyperlink, but merchandise news is directly incorporated be illustrated in theme article or multimedia, comprise trade name, picture, sound, video, commodity access approaches etc.Application can be stand-alone terminal, LAN (Local Area Network), internet etc., realizes medium and comprises film, TV, broadcast, computer, mobile phone, automatic teller machine etc.Incorporate formula market system to solve centered by customer issue, homepage (or other display platform) is no longer traditional commodity display, but the block combiner such as each hierarchical topics article, multimedia;

    Certainly, also can switch mode (question mode <


    product pattern).Upgrade version;

    problem and product interconnect, not only can be hyperlinked to commodity from the word of theme article, also can return chain to some theme articles that it exists from commodity, or be accurate to article position, place.The modules such as voice, video interactive module (as the networking telephone) and other remote interaction module (terminal in kind can be added), intelligent software can be embedded as one sees fit, Charging Module can be added wherein simultaneously.Except electronic media, also to comprise by papery and other material as cloth matter, wooden, the carrier such as metal, Shi Zhi, realize containing books, indoor and outdoor plane or three-dimensional media etc.Or in a certain Theme activity or display scene, by presenting and the incorporating of commodity (or combination of merchandise news or commodity and merchandise news) of each key element or its combination, and acquisition commodity link incorporates.

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