Energy-saving conical terrace-type environmentally-friendly dinner plate heat preservation bracket device

Energy-saving conical terrace-type environmentally-friendly dinner plate heat preservation bracket device

  • CN 104,921,538 A
  • Filed: 07/14/2015
  • Published: 09/23/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/14/2015
  • Status: Active Application
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1. an energy-conservation conical terrace-type vegetable dish heat preservation environment protection holder device, mainly comprises:

  • conical terrace-type support (1), box maintaining serving tray (2), pallet heating device (3), support bactericidal lamp (4), box makeup vegetable dish (5);

    It is characterized in that;

    the box of each dress dish of described box makeup vegetable dish (5) is movable;

    Serve when using, can be disposable by the ordering dishes and all load on conical terrace-type support (1) box makeup vegetable dish (5) of user, reach the number of times alleviating attendant and serve;

    In addition, conical terrace-type vegetable dish heat-insulation support (1), is mainly convenient to user'"'"'s dining and desktop puts more vegetables, and pleasing perception when user has dinner, and be convenient to the insulation of vegetable and sterilization fungi-proofing;

    During dress dish, often plant vegetables and need in the box vegetable dish (2) of loading more than 2, reach often kind of vegetable and be divided into more than at least 2 boxes loadings;

    When user has dinner edible, first eat from the 1st box of each vegetable, the vegetable after eat again in edible 2nd box, by that analogy, object be convenient to packing be left and or the vegetable in the last box do not eaten of clean hygiene;

    Box makeup vegetable dish (5) has box maintaining serving tray (2) to be incubated below, and, be provided with the cold dish pallet not needing to be incubated;

    After having a meal;

    when needing packing;

    the remaining vegetable of the clean hygiene in the 2nd box that direct packaging did not eat or the 3rd box;

    reach and do not change traditional eating habit;

    the bad habit of traditional extravagance and waste can be reduced again;

    namely, after having a meal, the vegetable in the clean remaining last box of the health that do not eat can be bundled to;

    This device is applicable to the dining room of often holding big-and-middle-sized Chinese meal feast, and this device eliminates the possibility that dining table is wasted, and facilitates the general mood that fashion is saved, and adds the quality of graceful environmental protection again;

    Finally reach the eating method of traditional Chinese meal feast and the comprehensively basic innovation of the mode of saving and innovation.

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