Preparation method for multilayer flaky carbon material

Preparation method for multilayer flaky carbon material

  • CN 104,925,780 A
  • Filed: 03/01/2015
  • Published: 09/23/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/01/2015
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1. the present invention relates to a kind of preparation method of multilayer chip carbon material, it is characterized in that in the method, first hydrothermal method and subsequent high temperature calcining is utilized to prepare tricobalt tetroxide catalyst precursor, then chemical Vapor deposition process is passed through, hydrogen is as catalyst precursor reduction treatment gas, and acetylene gas has prepared the carbon material with multilayer chip structure as carbon source.In this preparation process, simple to operate, reaction conditions is gentle and easy to control, comprises following key step:

  • (1) Jing Ti/Bao Pian COBALT NITRATE CRYSTALS/FLAKES (Co (NO is utilized 3) 26H 2and urea (CO (NH O) 2) 2), prepared the intermediate product with laminated structure by hydrothermal method, then high-temperature calcination is carried out to it, obtain the tricobalt tetroxide catalyst precursor with sheet structure;

    (2) get appropriate tricobalt tetroxide catalyst precursor and be placed in porcelain boat, and put it in the reaction tubes of tubular react furnace;

    (3) reaction tubes is vacuumized, then according to the temperature rise rate of setting, reaction tubes is risen to temperature of reaction by room temperature;

    (4) hydrogen is passed into reaction tubes to normal atmosphere, tricobalt tetroxide catalyst precursor is carried out to the high temperature reduction process of certain hour;

    (5) after hydrogen reducing process terminates, hydrogen is taken out, then pass into carbon-source gas acetylene to normal atmosphere, and keep certain reaction times;

    (6) after reaction terminates, the residual gas in reaction tubes is taken out, and keeps vacuum, after naturally cooling to room temperature, collect the product in porcelain boat.

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